10 bars in Ireland to name your baby after

If you’re struggling to think of the perfect name for your newborn, then we have the perfect solution for you.

You’ve heard of people naming their children after placenames – Austin, London, Paris, India, etc. However, we bet you’ve never thought about bars in Ireland to name your baby after.

Maybe you’re fond of a pint of the black stuff, have a favourite bar on the Emerald Isle, or are just stuck for inspiration when it comes to baby names. Whatever the reason, Ireland’s bars can surprisingly prove very useful when it comes to naming your little one!

10. Johnnie Fox’s Pub, Co. Dublin – Ireland’s highest pub

Johnnie Fox's is one of the best bars in Ireland.
Credit: Facebook / @Johnniefoxspub

This famous Dublin pub had to make it onto our list of ten bars in Ireland to name your baby after.

Famed as ‘Ireland’s highest pub’, there are plenty of names to choose from when naming your little one after Johnnie Fox’s Pub. You could opt for the more traditional Johnnie, Johnathon, or John, or for something more modern and unique, name them Fox.

9. Gus O’Connor’s, Co. Clare – a trad music hotspot

Gus O'Connor's is a must-visit for live music.
Credit: Facebook / @oconnorspubdoolin

This famous Doolin pub has been welcoming locals and tourists alike since 1832.

Known for its trad music scene, naming your baby after Gus O’Connor’s Pub is the perfect idea if you want your little one to grow up musical.

8. Nancy’s, Co. Donegal – a strong Irish woman

Nancy's takes its name from its strong female owner.
Credit: Facebook / @Nancysbarn

Nancy’s Bar in Ardara is a firm favourite in County Donegal. Owned and run by the McHugh family for seven generations, this pub retains its traditional atmosphere and family feel.

Originally named Charles Mc Hugh’s, the name change came when Charles passed away. His wife Nancy had to take over the running of the business while raising their young family all on her own. So, if you want to name your little girl after an inspiring Irish woman, then Nancy is a great choice.

7. Michael Flannerys Bar, Co. Limerick – a lively and traditional pub

Michael Flannerys is one of the best traditional bars in Ireland.
Credit: Facebook / @flannerysbarlimerick

Michael Flannerys is a lively pub at the heart of Limerick City. It also happens to be home to the largest Irish Whiskey collection in Ireland’s midwest.

Named after its owner, Michael, who is one of Limerick’s longest-serving publicans, it is a must-visit while in the city. Plus, Michael would also make a great name for your baby boy.

6. Dan and Molly’s Pub, Co. Offaly – two names, one pub

Dan and Molly's offers two names.
Credit: Facebook / @danandmollys

Whether you have a baby boy or girl, Dan and Molly’s Pub in County Offaly provides the perfect name idea for both.

This quaint thatched-roof cottage-style pub is nestled at the foothills of the Slieve Bloom Mountains, providing an idyllic vision of rural Ireland.

5. Thomas Connolly, Co. Sligo – the oldest traditional Irish pub in the northwest of Ireland

Thomas Connolly's is one of the best bars in Ireland.
Credit: Facebook / @thomasconnollysligo

When it comes to bars in Ireland to name your baby after, we can’t forget to mention Thomas Connolly in County Sligo.

As the oldest traditional Irish pub in the northwest of Ireland, it was first licensed in 1861.

4. Geoff’s Cafe Bar, Co. Waterford – renowned for its food and drinks

Geoff's Cafe Bar in County Waterford is renowned for its delicious food and drinks.
Credit: Instagram / @aaronpryan

Geoff’s Cafe Bar is a landmark location in the heart of Waterford. Renowned for its food and drinks, Geoff’s Café Bar is loved by locals and those from further afield.

If you’re a fan of Ireland’s sunny southeast, then naming your little one Geoff could be the perfect reminder of Waterford.

3. Grace Neill’s Co. Down – one of Ireland’s oldest pubs

Grace Neill's is known as one of the most haunted bars in Ireland.
Credit: Facebook / @graceneills1611

Established in 1611, this 400-year-old pub in Donaghadee, County Down, is known as one of Ireland’s oldest pubs.

The bar was a wedding present to Grace Neill, the pub’s namesake, from her father, Hugh Jamison. Today, the pub is reputedly haunted by its former owner, who many say is a friendly spirit.

For the perfect reminder of the Emerald Isle, give your baby girl the gorgeous name Grace. Or, if you have a boy, you could always opt for Neil.

2. Matt Molloy’s, Co. Mayo – a famous Irish musician

Matt Molloy's takes its name from a famous Irish musician.
Credit: Geograph.ie / Joseph Mischyshyn

Named after the Irish musician of the same name, Matt Molloy’s Pub in Westport, County Mayo, is a popular spot among both locals and tourists.

Home to traditional music sessions seven nights a week, Matt is a great name for a little boy with music running through his veins.

1. Sean’s Bar, Co. Westmeath – an Athlone staple

Sean's Bar is one of the oldest bars in Ireland.
Credit: Facebook / Sean’s Bar – Ireland’s Oldest Pub

No visit to Athlone in County Westmeath is complete without a stop off at Sean’s Bar. For that reason, it tops our list of bars in Ireland to name your baby after.

With claims that it was established in 900 AD, this traditional pub would be the oldest pub not only in Ireland but the whole of Europe.