10 hilarious Irish TV moments we will never forget

Irish TV is in a league of its own when it comes to hilariously memorable moments. So, here are ten hilarious Irish TV moments we will never forget.

Anyone who has grown up in or lived in Ireland for any period of time will know how iconic Irish television is. From hilarious blunders on live television to iconic Irish sitcoms, there really is nothing like it.

Sometimes, however, the best moments are the most unintentional. So, if you’re a fan of Irish telly, we are certain you’ll recognise some of these memorable moments that truly couldn’t happen anywhere else.

Thus, without further ado, here is our rundown of ten hilarious Irish TV moments we will never forget.

10. This fake typing ‒ at least make it look believable

Kicking off our list of the most hilarious Irish TV moments we will never forget is this iconic moment from an RTÉ news broadcast.

We all know that B-roll footage is used to add ambience and fill silent moments. However, we couldn’t help laughing when they didn’t even try to make the typing in this clip believable.

9. The little boy who fell over in the airport ‒ such a wholesome moment

It’s no secret that kids do the funniest things, and this little boy proves just how true that statement is.

Unable to contain his excitement about seeing his uncle arrive at the airport, he runs face-first into the pram and ends up on his rear end.

8. Boyzone’s first TV appearance ‒ so 90s it hurts

We really don’t know where to start with this one, to be honest. Boyzone is known today as one of the most iconic Irish boy bands of all time.

However, with this performance at the start of their career, we’re honestly shocked they ended up so successful. Quality entertainment anyway!

7. The woman who didn’t want to go to the Toy Show ‒ an awkward moment

There are plenty of hilarious TV moments to choose from when it comes to Pat Kenny. However, our personal favourite has to be when he phoned a (pretty ungrateful) winner on The Late Late Show.

Offering her tickets for the Late Late Toy Show, she replies, “I’m not interested”. Lost for words, Kenny takes the tickets from his pocket and rips them into pieces.

6. Ye wouldn’t be long getting’ frostbit ‒ a moment we’ll never forget

These BBC Northern Ireland reporters got more than they bargained for when they interviewed this schoolboy about the freezing weather conditions.

When asked what he thought of the snow, he replies in a fittingly culchie accent, “Ye wouldn’t be long getting frostbit!”

5. The iconic audience member main character energy

One of the most hilarious Irish TV moments we will never forget occurred when Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross appeared on the Saturday Night Show with Brendan O’Connor.

The camera pans to the audience, and this audience member makes sure he grabs his 15 seconds of fame!

4. The iconic Aengus Mac Grianna moment ‒ ready for my close up

Poor Aengus Mac Grianna has had his fair share of cringe-worthy moments on live TV. From messing up his words to walking onscreen by accident, he’s had a few awkward blunders.

Our personal favourite was when he was caught getting ready for his onscreen appearance. Worth it to look good on camera, though!

3. The man who isn’t a fan of Americans giving Paddy’s Day a miss

St Paddy’s Day is the biggest day of the year in Ireland, with people from all across the world descending on the island on 17 March.

However, one man who was interviewed on live TV didn’t shy away from showing his feelings about all the Americans arriving in Ireland.

2. The man falling on the ice ‒ we hope he was okay

Perhaps one of the most iconic Irish TV moments of all time seen this poor man fall victim to Ireland’s bad weather.

On a particularly frosty morning, he couldn’t find his footing when walking down the pavement. We hope he was okay, but this is a TV moment that will go down in history!

1. “DON’T MAKE UNNECESSARY JOURNEYS” poor Teresa deserves an award

Topping our list of hilarious Irish TV moments we will never forget is Teresa Mannion’s iconic coverage of the storm in Galway.

To this day, you will still hear people say, “Don’t make unnecessary journeys. Don’t take risks on treacherous roads!” Truly iconic.