10 hilarious things that always happen at an Irish wedding

There’s no wedding like an Irish wedding! Here are ten hilarious things that ALWAYS happen at an Irish wedding.

There’s no wedding like an Irish wedding! Here are ten hilarious things that ALWAYS happen at an Irish wedding.

Irish weddings are absolutely class craic. Whether you’ve been to dozens before or are heading to your very first Irish wedding, there are always a few things that always happen at an Irish wedding.

While Irish weddings aren’t entirely about drinking (although a lot of it is), there are some things that are almost expected at every Irish wedding.

From drunken behaviours to some absolute nonsense, Irish weddings are truly the best. Here are ten hilarious things that always happen at an Irish wedding.

10. Irish dancing – someone who believes they are part of Riverdance

Irish dancing is possibly one of the most embarrassing things that always happen at an Irish wedding.

You haven’t been to an Irish wedding if you don’t witness some absolute eejit taking to the dancefloor thinking they are the new Michael Flatley.

Someone is bound to start impersonating a leprechaun by tip-tapping their feet across the floor. Rivalling all that Riverdance has to offer, you better keep the brooms out of sight!

9. Rating the ceremony – has to be done

Every detail and opinion is shared after the ceremony is over.
Credit: flickr.com / Lee Haywood

No matter the type of wedding ceremony, the greatest ice-breaker of all has to be discussing the ceremony. From rating the sermon and the not so original vows, absolutely everyone has an opinion.

Just be careful who you’re talking to – you don’t want to talk smack about the ceremony to the priest.

8. Shots, shots, shots – once they start they don’t stop

One of the most dangerous things that always happen at an Irish wedding: shots!
Credit: pxfuel.com

Although it isn’t uncommon for there to be a number of free drinks at an Irish wedding reception, there will always be someone who buys a round of shots.

Next thing you know, you’ll be five shots deep, mixing tequila with baby Guinness and god knows what else. Who knows, you may even end up roping in the mother of the bride into a round!

7. Shifting – eyebrow-raising moments

Perhaps one of the most scandalous things that happens at a wedding.
Credit: pixabay.com / Obscure lucidity

Shifting is one thing that always happens at an Irish wedding, and we aren’t talking about the newlyweds!

Eyebrows will be raised as people begin to piece together whether the pair mauling the face off each other in the corner are related in some way.

Reminiscent of those teenage disco days, the pair will most certainly wake up with the fear the next morning.

6. A dodgy best man’s speech – questionable actions

The Best Man's speech is one of the funniest things that always happen at an Irish wedding.
Credit: flickr.com / Jon

There have quite a number of drinks consumed by the time the best man’s speech comes along. So much so, the best man may end up going off-script and cause an absolute ruckus in the reception.

In the heat of the moment, there may be questionable and dodgy moments spilled that will make mammies, aunts, and grannies squirm.

5. The creepy uncle – bound to happen

The creepy uncles always seem to make an appearance somewhere at a wedding.
Credit: flickr.com / Scott Kentros

Now, he’s probably not your uncle, but he’s definitely someone’s uncle, and he’s definitely going to try it with somebody at the wedding!

Between sneaky remarks that are a little too close for comfort or a hug that lingers just that bit too long, the creepy uncle is there. And if he’s not trying it with you, just count yourself lucky!

4. Sing songs – it’s not an Irish wedding without these

Sing songs are one of the best things that always happen at an Irish wedding.
Credit: amplifymyevent.com / Nick Fletcher

After the wedding band packs up and many a drink has been consumed, it is time for the beloved sing-song to commence. And let’s not forget the classic Irish songs that usually come out at some stage.

For a few hours, guests will get the DJ to play some absolute bangers that you can sing along to. A sing-song that continues until there’s no one left standing always happens at an Irish wedding!

3. You’re next — the dreaded words

Nobody wants to hear the words "you're next" at a wedding.
Credit: flickr.com / Lee Haywood

Couples who are yet engaged dread being invited to family weddings. Family members have no issues with saying, “Sure, next time we’ll all be together will be for your wedding”.

Other times, nothing needs to be said, and they’ll just peer longingly at the empty ring finger.

It’s almost a given it’ll happen.

2. The morning after the night before — some rough heads

Credit: flickr.com / Matt Murphy

As an Irish wedding typically goes on well into the early hours of the morning, breakfast is always a sight to behold.

Between people rocking up to the breakfast buffet in last night’s hair and makeup to those who cannot stomach the sight of a fry, rough heads are a given.

Breakfast will be unusually quiet as guests nurse their hangovers… that is, if they aren’t still drunk!

1. The too-drunk person — not enough soakage

You need to watch out for this person for sure.
Credit: flickr.com / bvibeachgirl62

And finally, one of the funniest things that always happen at an Irish wedding; someone who hasn’t eaten enough to absorb the liquid.

There’s always one person who has had just a little too much to drink. They’ll find themselves spending much of the night clutching a toilet.

And even if they aren’t vomiting in the jacks, they are bound to be making some questionable moves on the dance floor that they’ll feel tomorrow!