Top 10 things all British people think of Ireland

There can be some misconceptions about Ireland around the world but here are ten things all British people think of Ireland.

Just like many nations around the world, the Brits themselves have their own set of thoughts about Ireland.

Often, it is not until Brits travel to Ireland and spend some time here that they realise they might have gotten it wrong, or perhaps may have been entirely on the ball with their preconceptions.

Ireland has many traits, which Brits and the rest of the world know and love. But what they once thought might not be entirely accurate. Let’s take a look.

From the good to the bad to the downright stereotypical as well, here are ten things all British people think of Ireland.

10. We drink Guinness all the time – a good day for a Guinness

Not all Irish people like Guinness.

British people think that the only beverage Irish people drink is Guinness, and even though many people do enjoy a pint of the traditional black stuff, not everyone is so keen.

You won’t walk into a pub in Ireland see every single person with a pint of Guinness in hand. Although with that being said, it could happen.

9. All we eat is potatoes – the almighty spud

That we all eat potatoes is one of the things all British people think of Ireland.

Most Brits know the story of The Famine, and they know how dependent we were on potatoes once upon a time.

However, many of our neighbours across the pond still think we only eat potatoes. And even though we do love our spuds, the Irish today enjoy a diverse cuisine of foods from all around the world, and there are plenty of other foods we consume more often than potatoes.

8. We’re all hardcore patriots – Irish rebels

British people think we are all hardcore patriots.

From our history of independence and our stereotypical portrayal in movies, Brits think we are all hardcore patriots.

While we do have a strong history, and we are all proud to be Irish, we definitely don’t all walk the streets sporting tricolours.

7. It always rains – the best two days of the year

One of the things all British people think of Ireland is that it is always raining.

How would they know? They always block out Ireland on their weather forecast!

The truth of the matter is it doesn’t always rain, despite what the Brits think – we can’t all be blessed by the London sunshine, okay?

In fact, we do have one or two good days a year, which is why you might hear us talking about the shorts and t-shirt weather.

6. It’s all tractors and farms – old fashioned Ireland

There is more to Ireland than just farms and tractors.

Sure, Ireland has a fair amount of farms and tractors around the country since we have a vast agricultural industry, but we are not all farmers, and we don’t all head to the pub in our John Deere.

Some Irish people have never even stepped foot on a farm– cough Dubliners cough!

5. Everything is green – the Emerald Isle

One of the things all British people think of Ireland is that everything is green.
Credit: / @Free-Photos

Okay, so this is true… to an extent.

Ireland is green, just like Britain, but it’s actually greener than many Brits first imagined.

As you know, we get more rain than Britain, so the grass stays green year-round.

4. We drink a lot of tea – it’s always tea time

Irish people love a good cup of tea.

The Brits are also fond of a frequent cup of tea, but it’s not until they visit Ireland that they realise just how much tea we consume. Heads up, it’s A LOT!

3. We love a good knees-up – always time for a sesh

One of the things all British people think of Ireland is that we are always up for a sesh.

The Irish are known to be good craic, and the Brits think so too, but they also believe we are ALWAYS on the sesh.

If that were true, we’d get nothing done!

2. We talk a lot – the gift of the gab

We love to talk.

Okay, so this is an Irish stereotype, but it is one that is true.

Otherwise known as the gift of the gab, Irish people love a good yarn, and we are masters of it. We may talk a lot, but its because we have so much wisdom to share!

1. It’s expensive – extortionate Ireland

High prices is one of the things all British people think of Ireland.

So any Brit that heads to London expects steep prices, but when they think of Ireland, they believe the whole country is ludicrously expensive.

In fact, it’s not.

The tourist areas of any city are expensive of course, but go a little further afield, and you’ll be presently surprised at how affordable it is. Maybe just avoid looking at the property prices!

So if you’re a Brit reading this, you may be surprised that not all of what you thought about Ireland was true. Being Irish, we don’t take any offence at these stereotypes as we love a good laugh after all – and we are always game to play the part.

So alas, that is ten things all British people think of Ireland – although we are sure there are probably many more things they think of us. Let us know in the comments!