4 Reasons: Why Ireland is the Fastest Growing Economy in Europe


The CSO or the Central Statistic recently proclaimed Ireland’s GDP grows 7.8 percent last year. However, the highest increase of GDP was happened in the last quarter of the year with 9.2 percent. The average measure of economic development is to compare Gross Domestic Product- the whole value of services and goods generated in a country, from one point in time to similar point in time 1 year earlier.

On the other hand, Gross Domestic Product takes account of the value of services and goods generated by foreign multination businesses.  The fact that much of their earnings aren’t circulated in the economy of Ireland some economist see GNI and GNP as true measures of the nation’s underlying economic development. Through many diverse GDP measures, and utilizing information from various sources, Ireland does have the quickest rate of development in the European Union. The European Commission statistic directorate puts this nation’s yearly development rate at 5.2 percent in 2014, the most current on hand date for yearly GDP figures.

By far, it is the fastest development rate in Europe. It is even more remarkable given this country required a €67 billion bailout just 2 years ago. So the main question is why this country grew very fast last year when United Kingdom just managed 2.2 percent, a figure which was still better than other developed countries.

Here are the main reasons:

  1. A Big Leap in Irish Exports: The country’s exports augmented by virtually 20 percent in previous years to more than €111 billion last year. Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, chemicals, and cosmetics were the most prevalent products leaving country’s shores.
  2. People in Ireland are purchasing more stuffs:  Shoppers or consumers spending in Ireland was in rude state in 2015, at €22,6 billion a 3.5%  increase from 2014. More than €2.4 billion of that was ordered online and shipped directly to their homes.
  3. A lot of people find investing in Ireland to be beneficial: not like last year, capital investments increased to 28 percent opposed to year 2014.  2015 venture capital according to Inter Trade Irelands, number of venture capital resources operating in this nation had twice or doubled, while the average size of resources had increased from 20 million to 100 million.
  4. The government of Ireland minimized their spending: The government expenditure of Ireland last year reduced by 7 percent compared to year 2014, with the majority going on health, education and welfare of the people.

The development in economy in Ireland also marks another success story in European Union which you may not hear about from the Brexit supporters (those who want United Kingdom to leave European Union).