5 Irish people rocking the online gaming world

Whereas once gaming was seen as a hobby, now to be a gamer is a full-time career that can reap many rewards; these are five Irish people rocking the online gaming world.

Curious to learn more about Ireland’s gaming world? These are the five top Irish people rocking the online gaming world.

Ireland is known for many things; its love of Guinness, its almighty craic, its culture and literature, its arts and heritage. One thing it is considerably less-known for is its top gamers. Nevertheless, they thrive!

Video games were first established as far back as 1958 with Pong. And, while their initial purpose was to be a form of entertainment, today, gaming has become so much more than that, with individuals making fully-fledged and entirely profitable careers out of their hobby.

5. Dona Tarte – an individual of many merits

Dona Tarte is one of the Irish people rocking the online gaming world.
Credit: Facebook / @DonaTartee

To pigeonhole Dona Tarte would be a mistake. This is mainly because they are so much more than one single label. Dona Tarte is not only one of the top Irish people rocking the online gaming world but also a drag queen and top-class baker!

They are a spectacle that comes with a touch of sprinkles, show-stopping costume, and makeup. Plus, one that often raises funds for charity. This means there’s more to the show than mere entertainment.

Dona Tarte’s ‘Bake Off’ series comprises Twitch gamers battling against each other. And, to top it off? Dona Tarte is a member of the Rainbow Arcade on Twitch, meaning that they support inclusivity and diversity in the gaming sphere. Overall: Dona Tarte is a gamer we can wholly get on board with!

4. Mini Ladd – the Northern Ireland gamer

Mini Ladd is a successful Northern Irish gamer.
Credit: Facebook / Mini Ladd

Mini Ladd is one of the top Irish people rocking the online gaming world, no doubt. Born and bred in Northern Ireland, Mini Ladd is a comedian, entertainer, vlogger, gamer, and YouTuber.

Breaking onto the scene in 2011 with his eponymous YouTube channel, he would soon soar to fame. By 2019, the gamer boasted 10 million followers and over 1.4 billion views.

In September of the same year, Craig Joseph Thompson (aka Mini Ladd) was listed by the Sunday Times at number three on the list of ‘Top 100 Influencers in the UK’.

3. Call Me Kevin – the top comedian

Call Me Kevin is one of the Irish people rocking the online gaming world.
Credit: Twitter / @CallMeKevin1811

Call Me Kevin is the username for one of the top Irish people rocking the online gaming world.

Known in Ireland and abroad as being one of the funniest gamers on the scene, Call Me Kevin is one to watch without a doubt.

Whether it’s his hilarious commentary or electric Irish banter that makes his content so engaging, this is one player who has taken online games (like the ones you can play on Casumo casino) and elevated them to whole new heights.

2. Eímear Noone – the international gamer to reckon with

Eimear Noone is an international gamer to reckon with.
Credit: Facebook / @Eimearnooneconductor

Eímear Noone entirely revises what it means to be involved with the world of gaming. As a musical score aficionado, she conducted the Academy Awards Orchestra in 2020, and in general, her scoring work hits high above the mark.

Embracing the artistry of game scores, she drives a unique and compelling side of the gaming industry that is seldom seen.

Eímear has performed the music from Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, and Halo, amongst others. She is today considered a leading visionary in the field of gaming from a unique perspective.

1. Jacksepticeye – Ireland’s biggest name in the gaming world

Jacksepticeye tops our list of Irish people rocking the online gaming world.
Credit: Twitter / @Jacksepticeye

Born Seán William McLoughlin, Jacksepticeye is an Irish YouTuber. He is arguably Ireland’s biggest name in the world of gaming and, without a doubt, top on our list of Irish people rocking the online gaming world.

As of June 2021, his YouTube channel boasts a whopping 14.2 billion views and 27.2 million subscribers; this makes Jacksepticeye the most-subscribed Irish channel on YouTube.

Hailing from County Offaly, this young gamer started in 2012 with a modest amount of uploads on the video-sharing platform. Within 24 months, his channel had over 57 million views.

With large-scale fame in the world of gaming, he has made a fine career out of what started as a hobby. Jacksepticeye has used his platform for the good of the people (as well as the good of gaming) and raised money for charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.