6 great ways Irish people are keeping busy during lockdown

Not ones to sit still or to let time pass idly by, we have made the most of our mandatory time off, with the Irish people keeping themselves busy during lockdown.

6 great ways Irish people are keeping busy during lockdown

The coronavirus has upended normal life as we know it; cities have been shut-down, people have been confined to their homes and days no longer have their original meaning as almost all normality has ceased.

However, Irish people have met this challenge head on, displaying our ingenuity and flair in abundance in order to keep ourselves busy and keep our minds sane until that day comes when lockdown ends.

Here are six great ways that Irish people are keeping busy during lockdown.

6. Working from home – the grind never stops  

One of the great ways that a lot of Irish people are keeping busy during lockdown is that they are bringing their work life with them to the confines of their own homes.

As many businesses have been forced to close until further notice, those who can have set up shop in their living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens and worked the day away.

For example, a survey conducted by IrishJobs.ie in April 2020 revealed that 90% of those surveyed were now working from home, while 44% of those admitted they were working longer hours.

5. Tik Tok videos – finding ways to have the craic

The Tik Tok revolution has truly exploded across the world, as many people quell their boredom with fun and innovative edited videos, re-enacting dances, movie scenes and making up their own content.

An Instagram search of #tiktok reveals almost 50 million posts, an astounding figure of activity, and, proudly, Irish people have joined the fight in their droves.

Indeed, anyone on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook has seen a Tik Tok of their family or someone they known performing their acting skills, and you are bound to see many more as the days go by.

4. Gaming – the competitive streak

For a lot of Irish people, one of the best ways to keep busy during the lockdown is by gaming, be that on your phone, laptop, or gaming consoles, such as their Xbox or PS4.

Call of Duty: Warzone has become an instant hit with millions of users, while FIFA20, like all those that have preceded it, is played day in, day out by its loyal fans.

Elsewhere, people are using online betting companies and Irish online casinos to place a bet, denied this opportunity from the closure of bookies and missing the buzz of live sport that we are all itching for to return.

One popular site for Irish people is slots.info who are offering a bonus when you first play.

3. Building up their fitness – a great way Irish people are keeping busy during lockdown

Paradoxically, since we have been ordered to stay at home and to only conduct one piece of exercise per day, many Irish people are as active as they have ever been.

With a 5km limited imposed in the South and orders to stay away from second homes, people have taken advantage of sunny days by talking longer walks, going for tougher jogs and cycling mile after mile as driving has taken a break.

Better still, with gyms closed, many people are doing their own work-outs at home and following the many informative sessions thar can be found online.

2. Online shopping – waiting for that delivery text

What do you do in the modern age when you can’t go out and shop in your favourite stores? You shop online, and people across the Emerald Isle are doing so in abundance.

With the changing of the seasons upon us and better weather just around the corner, people are ordering their summer attire in preparation for the phased lockdown announced by the Irish Government and Northern Executive.

The money has to be spent somewhere, and it is partly that excitement of finding out your package arrives that makes this practice so addictive during these times, making it one of the great ways Irish people are keeping busy during lockdown.

1. Binging on Netflix – series after series of TV

Could there really be anything else that tops the list of great things that Irish people are doing during lockdown? In normal times, when we were bored, chilled or in the mood for a series, we resorted to Netflix.

Unsurprisingly, given all of the free time we have and the likelihood of binging a Netflix series has multiplied, and we have truly taken the opportunity that free time has given us.

So, if you’re thinking what an Irish person is doing to bide his or her time, likelihood is they are binging on After Life, The Last Dance, Narcos, Ozark, Money Heist, Tiger King and much, much more. Sure, aren’t we all watching something?