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Who are we?

  • We are a fun Irish website that covers everything relating to Irish pop culture, bizarre news, comedy, travel and satire.
  • We love spreading brilliant, fun and inspiring Irish content over the internet.
  • Since 2014, we have been extremely successful in doing it, with over 600,000 people following our pages and loving our content.

Why do we do it?

Our mission is to make people laugh through Irish humour. If we can bring happiness to someone’s life, even for one second, then we have succeeded.

Careful now! We do spoof from time to time

Some (but not all) of our articles are satire. Articles that are clearly marked as ‘satire‘ are spoof articles which should not be taken as the truth, nor are they are intended to offend.

We write them for the craic with the intention of making people laugh. Please take such articles with ‘a pinch of salt’.

Over 18s Only Please

As our website contains swear words and some topics which are intended for a more mature audience so we’d advise you should not read it unless you are over 18.

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To submit content you want to submit or to write content for us, please contact [email protected] or to leave us a message, fill out the form below:

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