150+ applications for job to review every Father Ted episode flood in

Applications for "dream job" as Father Ted TV Critic at Meanwhile in Ireland flood in.

Indeed, times are tough. And, the job market even more so. However, since we launched our search for an official Father Ted TV Critic at Meanwhile in Ireland, applications have been flooding in.

As children, we dally with the idea of a “dream job”. Some kids imagined being sailors or superstars, other wizards or WWE wrestlers. 

And then, there were those who grew up dreaming that one day their unfaltering addiction to Father Ted would eventually pay off. Little did they expect that far off notion could someday be a reality. 

On 21st May 2020, we here at Meanwhile in Ireland began our worldwide search for an official Father Ted TV Critic. And since we’ve opened the application process, our inbox has been lighting up like a Christmas tree.

The job your role as a Father Ted TV Critic

The job - your role as a Father Ted TV Critic.
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With over half a million followers to date, Meanwhile in Ireland launched in 2014. Offering a steady stream of content (covering everything from Irish pop culture to news and satire) the website knows well what its viewers love to see. And, one topic that always trumps is Father Ted

The position came into fruition with the ultimate realisation that while there is a lot of content on Father Tedthere is little comprehensive analysis. Enter Meanwhile in Ireland.

Opening the role on the cusp of Summer, the position – which takes the shape of a short-term temporary contract – calls for all Ted heads to apply. 

The role, which indeed may be brief in duration, can be considered somewhat of a dream job, and applications are soaring as the search continues!

The fine details – what you will have to do

The fine details - what you will have to do in your role as a Father Ted TV Show critic.

The position – which is currently open – has a closing deadline of 8th June 2020, so there is still time if you want to apply to become a Father Ted TV critic.

In terms of criteria for the chosen candidate, the only key asset one must possess is an unrequited love for Father Ted

To be fair though, for the 90s TV sitcom which followed the ludicrous lives of three priests and their housekeeper on the fictional Craggy Island; how could one not love it?

The chosen candidate must over 16 years of age and be fluent in spoken and written English. Ideally, the applicant will have experience in TV critiquing or as a writer or reviewer, but this is not necessary.

The role will include watching all 25 episodes and raking them from best to worst. Detailed notes will be provided from the chosen candidate, too. With this, the ability to communicate ideas and a penchant for humour – also known as “the craic” – is preferable. 

On completion of this job, the writers at Meanwhile in Ireland will work to create the ultimate go-to guide on Father Ted, based on the findings by the TV critic. This guide will be the fruit of their labour. 

The reception – response to the role

The reception - response to the role as Father Ted TV critic.

Since launching this job search, we have seen a huge reception – as well as an abundance of applications for the role of a Father Ted TV Critic.

Garnering attention from major media outlets, the job post has been featured in articles by The Irish Post, Irish Mirror, Evoke and the Irish News

In addition, a primetime morning radio interview on Dublin’s Q102 ensured the news of this job opening has been spread across the country and abroad on the airways.

To date, over 150 applications have flooded the jobs inbox, and the number continues to grow each day.

The end goal that we at Meanwhile in Ireland have is not only to offer a self-confessed Ted head their dream job but offer our followers and Father Ted fans the ultimate go-to guide to the series. If you think you’re up to the task, now’s the time to apply!

The job in a nutshell

The job of a Father Ted TV critic in a nutshell.

Duties include:

Watch and review all Father Ted episodes

The ideal candidate:

Knowledgeable on TV and film

Self-confessed Father Ted fanatic

Analytical and observant 

Fluency in spoken and written English

Confident working remotely to deadlines

Partial to the craic (i.e. an understanding of Irish banter)

Must be 16 or older

Critic experience (preferable)


Pay: €11/£9.52 per hour

This is a dream job; a once in a lifetime role which is short but unique

This will be a remote role; you will not be required to commute so you can work from anywhere (worldwide provided you have a good internet connection)

Join a thriving team with an excellent culture

The Process:

Closing date is 8th June 2020

Interviews start 15th June 2020 (aiming for an early July 2020 start date)

The first stage will be a short assessment

The final stage will be a Zoom interview


If you would like to read more about this job and for information about how to apply, SEE THE LISTING HERE.