Boojum releases new Mexican rice scented candle

The well-loved Irish burrito bar is known for its delicious Mexican-inspired food that keeps guests returning time and time again.

Move over, Yankee Candle; there’s a new candle king in town.

Gone are the days of traditional vanilla, lavender, and cinnamon-scented candles. What you really need in your life this festive season is a Mexican rice-scented candle!

Yes, you read that right. Popular Irish burrito bar Boojum has released a brand new Mexican rice scented candle, and we are so intrigued.

A candle like no other – enjoy the scent of Ireland’s favourite burrito bar

The perfect gift for Boojum fans.

For fans of the Irish chain restaurant, one of the best-loved menu items is undoubtedly the delicious Mexican rice, which goes into many of the burritos, bowls, and tacos on offer.

Well, now you can bring a little hint of that deliciousness into your own home as Boojum releases a new Mexican rice scented candle.

Aroma de Mexican Rice is the brand new tongue-in-cheek product available from Boojum stores nationwide. Personally, we can think of no better gift idea for the Boojum lover in your life this Christmas.

Boojum releases new Mexican rice scented candle – engineered to ease your burrito withdrawals

Boojum releases Mexican rice scented candle.

Fans of Ireland’s favourite burrito bar have been trying to crack the code on Boojum’s secret Mexican rice recipe for years.  

Giving nothing away, the popular Mexican haunt has got creative.

Using ingredients from their secret Mexican rice recipe, the brains behind the burrito bar have come up with a brand new Mexican rice scented candle to give fans a quick fix when not in store.

Recreating the scent of their iconic burritos, Boojum ‘scientifically engineered’ Aroma de Mexican Rice to ease withdrawal from Boojum.

However, we can’t promise that the sweet aroma won’t get you craving a taste of the real thing!

We think this candle would make the perfect gift for any Boojum lover living across the pond. There, they haven’t had the luxury of experiencing the wonders of Boojum just yet.

Don’t eat it – we know it might be tempting

Boojum releases Mexican rice scented candle.

Although the creatives at Boojum HQ have worked hard to recreate the authentic scent of their delicious Mexican rice, they advise customers advised not to tuck into the candle.

While it may be hard to resist, Aroma de Mexican Rice is part of Boojum’s new merchandise collection. So, it is not edible.

However, fans can whet their appetite with the smell of the delicious Mexican rice throughout their home for up to 40 hours.

Paul McCullagh, Marketing Manager at Boojum says: “You wouldn’t believe the number of messages we receive pleading and bargaining with us for our famous Mexican rice recipe.

“We knew we wanted to capture the essence of the Mexican rice in a quirky format. We have toyed with the candle idea for some time now. So, it is amazing to finally see it come to fruition, especially just before Christmas.

“Obviously, we are remaining tight-lipped about what goes into our rice; however, this candle is designed to appease those loyal and devoted fans with the key elements packed into this punchy scent.”

The much-coveted Aroma de Mexican Rice scented candle is now available to purchase online via