Father Ted fan gets huge surprise as wedding cake turns out to be a cake jumper (VIRAL VIDEO)

This is the most bizarre wedding prank you’ll ever see. Eoin McLove from Father Ted wouldn’t have been impressed!

Darren Lavelle, from Mayo, recently married Carol Hynes from Galway in the Raheen Woods Hotel in Athenry. Knowing how big of a Father Ted fan she was, Darren thought it would be a great idea to put a jumper inside the wedding cake for Carol when they went to cut the cake (similar to a famous scene from Father Ted).

As Father Ted was something of a theme throughout the wedding, this stunt is clearly not completely out of the blue. There were Father Ted quotes at the tables, however, the biggest stunt had to be the jumper in the Cake!

Watch the bizarre moment below:

And for those who didn’t get it, here is the original clip from Father Ted: