Daniel O’Donnell’s new music video is here and it’s hilarious (WATCH)

Daniel O’Donnell, Ireland’s sweetheart – particularly among women over a certain age – has charmed us all again with his hilarious new music video.

There are certain things that all Irish people love: a good pint of Guinness, a warming Irish stew, The Late Late Toy Show.

Add to that list a certain singer from County Donegal, and you’ve got a recipe to charm the socks off any Irish person. Yes, we’re talking about the one and only Daniel O’Donnell, Ireland’s singing sweetheart.

Well, the D O’D has done it again. Daniel O’Donnell’s new music video is here and it’s hilarious.

Daniel’s trip to a tropical paradise – he’s living the life

Daniel O'Donnell's new music video is here.
Credit: YouTube Screenshot / Daniel O’Donnell

For those of us who’ve grown up in Ireland, Daniel O’Donnell is a quintessential part of our lives.

From hearing our grannies talk about how lovely Daniel is to seeing him in local TV adverts, not to mention the infamous tea party, there is truly no escaping the D O’D.

Well, the man sure does know how to put a smile on our faces. Now, his new music video is no exception.

Picture it now: Daniel wearing his best Hawaiian-inspired floral shirt and lei surfing along an animated beach. No, we’re not joking!

Daniel O’Donnell’s new music video – potential Christmas number one

Could it be a Christmas number one?
Credit: YouTube Screenshot / Daniel O’Donnell

With his 60th birthday just around the corner, the Irish country legend has released his latest single, ‘Down at The Lah De Dah’.

Far away from the climes we’re used to in Ireland or Daniel’s hometown of Donegal, the music video shows Daniel sunning himself with a margarita in hand on the fictional tropical beach.

As we head into winter and are bombarded with gloom and doom headlines, Daniel O’Donnell’s new music video is exactly what we needed to cheer us up.

While not his typical style, Daniel sure is heading into his 60th year in style.

We can’t help but love the D O’D, and maybe that’s got something to do with how much we have in common with him.

The reaction from fans – the best thing ever to come out of Ireland?

Have you seen Daniel O'Donnell's new music video?
Credit: YouTube Screenshot / Daniel O’Donnell

Since premiering on YouTube last week, Daniel O’Donnell’s new music video has taken the internet by storm. Not that there is any hint of a storm in the video, mind you.

One Twitter user even went as far as claiming that the video might be “the best thing to ever come out of Ireland”.

Another branded the video “cinematic gold”. We can’t disagree!

Meanwhile, another Twitter user got our hopes up. They commented, “Daniel O’Donnell will be performing live at student unions across these islands as a cult hero after releasing this video … #Daniel4Eurovison”

So, do you want to see Daniel O’Donnell wearing a hula skirt, communing dolphins, and escaping the grim Irish weather for a tropical paradise? If so, check out the video here: