Dublin boyfriend caught dogging in car park promises ‘never to cheat again’

A twenty-seven-year-old Dublin man found ‘dogging’ in a secluded car park has promised his girlfriend never to cheat again.

Kieran O’Brien, a 27-year-old motor mechanic of Rathmines South Dublin, has found himself in the position of apologising to his long-time girlfriend Dolores after she found out that he had been partaking in sexual acts with unknown partners late at night in a public car park at the Phoenix Park.

“In my defence,” O’Brien told us “It’s not as if I was the only one — there were more people at the Dogging in the Park event than there were at the Pope’s mass there.”

Meat at Meet in the Park

“Anyway, as I told Dolores, I’d have asked her to come but Jaysus she’d have taken hours to get ready. I’ve never seen a woman take so long to get dressed only to get undressed again.”

“The whole event was organised real fast like. One auld-wan just put it on WhatsApp and we were to meet up at the Park in just over an hour. That’s the way the dogging events are organised — very last minute.” He explained.

O’Brien denied he was simply a voyeur or exhibitionist. “No way, I’m not one of those pervert guys.” He said. “I only goes dogging to get the quick leg-over, nothing kinky or nothing.” 

Casual Sexual Acts

Meanwhile in Ireland has learned that dogging events are organised on an ad-hoc basis once or twice a month in various secluded areas in and around Dublin.

The purpose of the events is to allow participants to wander from car to car and engage in casual sex acts with other willing participants.

We have also learned that a fringe element of people only concern themselves with watching on as others engage.

The group known as ‘The Dublin Doggers’ organise the events using a complex system of social media interaction. 

The Chairperson of the organisation M/s Niamh Slattery told us, “It’s a great way for people — especially middle-aged women like me — to get to know others. There are always plenty of young lads wanting the ‘bit of a leg-over.”

Not For Profit

“Dublin Doggers is a not for profit organisation.” She added then continued.

“We normally hold our events in secluded places but some of our more adventurous members are asking that we meet in more public spots. We are considering outside Leinster House or the GPO for an event.”

Blinded by the Light

Witnesses to O’Brien’s unfaithfulness told us. “Things were going grand. Kieran was having a great time.

“Hopping from car to car and giving the auld-wans the bit of the ‘rub of the relic’ when as luck would have, while he was ‘doing’ this middle-aged one in the back seat he accidentally kicked on the interior light.

“Jaysus, he must have got the fright of his life when he saw it was Dolores’ mother. I suppose it was her who told Dolores.”


We tried to contact O’Brien’s girlfriend Dolores who was unavailable for comment.

We understand from her Facebook page that she is currently holidaying in Santa Ponsa with her ‘very besty’ Cynthia —no doubt trying to get over the betrayal.

It is not clear if the wedding of Kieran and Dolores will go ahead in January as planned.