Dublin nightlife: 4 venues for blackjack in Dublin

A future tourist of the city or a local in search for entertainment? Why not raise the stakes and try your hand at any of these four venues for blackjack in Dublin?

Dublin nightlife: 4 venues for blackjack in Dublin

As a game originating in the 1700’s, blackjack is one of the most traditional games still around today, yet it’s popularity hasn’t seemed to dwindle at all in the five centuries it’s been around.

What was once a game exclusively reserved for the wealthy and noble in mainland Europe, it has quickly spread across the globe and is today played by people from all backgrounds, generations and geographical locations.

Whilst it may take a bit of skill and practice to succeed at this game, the low house edge, three to one payout and ease of play have enabled it to thrive to this day.

As a hotspot for casino action, Dublin offers a great variety of physical casinos, making it a popular place for tourists to visit in addition to the locals. So, if you’re looking for a place to try your luck at the game, here are some of the top venues for blackjack in Dublin where you can try your hand.

4. The Sporting Emporium Casino – Ireland’s premier casino experience

The Sporting Emporium Casino – Ireland’s premier casino experience.
Credit: @thesportingemporium / Instagram

As one of Ireland’s premier casino experiences, The Sporting Emporium Casino should be up there on your list of casino’s to explore when visiting Dublin. Located just off Grafton Street in the heart of Dublin, this casino is perfectly situated amongst the buzz of the city with many bars, restaurants and clubs nearby.

Some of the best live gaming experiences at this venue include Blackjack, Roulette, Brag, Punto Banco, Sic Bo and Poker; in which customers can also make the most of complementary drinks. If you’re a sports fan then there’s no need to worry about missing the big game as this casino features an array of plasma screens around the venue, playing the latest live sporting events.

The Casino is open every evening from 6pm to 6am. If you’re looking for the complete night out with live casino games, sports viewings and drinks included, this spot offers it all! The Sporting Emporium is truly one of the best venues for blackjack in Dublin.

3. 78 Club Casino – for 24/7 entertainment

78 Club Casino – for 24/7 entertainment.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Located on Aungier Street, this casino provides 24/7 entertainment, making it even more ideal for tourists visiting the city, or for extra adventurous locals. Whilst this place also serves drinks, the dress code is relaxed and you’re given 10 Euros worth of free chips to get you started as you go in.

This is ideal for finishing a day off after exploring the city, as there’s no need to go back to the hotel to get dressed up! What’s more, the fully stocked bar means you can order your favourite cocktail to accompany you whilst you play.

78 Club Casino’s blackjack facilities are second to none, and it is equipped with three blackjack tables, meaning all of the most popular variations of the game are on offer. However, you need to be prepared for what the tables have to throw at you, as there are some pretty serious players in attendance.

These days, players are able to hone their skills at all hours of the day through visiting an online casino, so before your visit, head over to a quality online operator such as 888 Casino, where you’ll find all the variations of online blackjack imaginable.

2. Amusement City and Club Oasis – one of the best venues for blackjack in Dublin

Amusement City and Club Oasis – one of the best venues for blackjack in Dublin.
Credit: casinoavenue.com

As a members-only exclusive venue, this casino is more suited to the locals of Dublin as you’ll need to sign up in order to get access. However, becoming a member is pretty easy; just head on down to the venue with your ID and fill in a couple of forms, then you’ll soon be playing in no time.

This members’ club is appealing for those players who are looking for a quieter venue with more experienced players around. What’s more, for those traditionalists at heart, this casino is located in one of the most historical buildings in the heart of Dublin, just next to O’Connell Bridge.

There’s no alcohol on offer here meaning you’ll really be able to focus on the game.  The venue features a great variety of slot machines and other traditional games, including three blackjack tables, although you’ll need to make sure you’ve studied up on your strategy, as there are no amateurs around here! The venue opens at 5pm and is the perfect place for an after-work game, followed by a beer at a local pub.

1. D1 Casino Club – beat the city centre crowds

D1 Casino Club – beat the city centre crowds.
Credit: @d1casino_Dublin / Instagram

Whilst this venue is a little further outside of Dublin city centre than the aforementioned venues, it’s one of the best for beating the crowds, which makes for one of the best venues to play blackjack in Dublin.

Located just a five minute walk away from Croke Park, the venue isn’t the most charming of casino’s on the eyes, however what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in the variety of games available and the great deals on offer. Some of the features of this casino include multi-currency betting and blackjack tables starting at just two Euros.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a seasoned player or a tourist visiting the city, it’s time to try your hand at a game of blackjack in Dublin!