DUP politician asks Channel 4 to rename Derry Girls to ‘Londonderry Girls’

A local unionist politician has expressed his disliking of the title of the hit show and has requested it acquire a more suitable, loyalist name moving forward.

In an audacious request that ranks high amongst the most outrageous acts the DUP have committed, a local councillor and ardent Derry man Gregory Robinson has asked Channel 4 to rename the popular Derry Girls sitcom to ‘Londonderry Girls’.

Robinson, 35, is a reported fan of the hit television show. However, he has not been able to publicly claim his liking for it due to the show’s name.

And so, the politician wants a more suitable loyalist cover for it, asking Channel 4 to rename Derry Girls to ‘Londonderry Girls’.

Loyalism let down by Channel 4 – a disservice to the community

A DUP politician has asked Channel 4 to rename Derry Girls to ‘Londonderry Girls’.
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The recent request comes after Mr Robinson claimed that Channel 4, one of the biggest TV stations, has “let down the Loyalist community” by slapping a “Republican title sympathetic to a United Ireland”.

“To be honest with you, it is nothing short of a disgrace from Channel 4. I, and all of my DUP colleagues on the Londonderry and Strabane Council, have written a joint letter in opposition to the show’s title.

“We have been let down as a community. I thought Channel 4 was a proud British institution. But then they go and do this.

“I enjoy the show personally, but how can I tell my constituents to watch ‘Derry’ Girls?”

Thus, the DUP politician has asked Channel 4 to rename Derry Girls to ‘Londonderry Girls’.

Protests planned to rename Derry Girls to ‘Londonderry Girls’– bigger than the Protocol

Protests have been planned.
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Local journalists and inside sources have confidentially told Meanwhile in Ireland that the DUP, and other loyalist groups in Derry, Belfast, Larne, and Ballymena, are planning a series of protests against Channel 4.

“It’s bigger than the Protocol,” Mr Robinson explained. “Yes, the Protocol might de facto create an economic United Ireland and a border between our beautiful British Isles. But this is bigger.

“They are questioning the very integrity of our British city. It is Londonderry in name and spirit, and Channel 4 need to recognise that.”

When pressed about expected numbers at the protests amid low turnout for Protocol rallies, the councillor remained silent and kept repeating “Londonderry”.

Response from other parties – away and catch yourself on

The DUP politician has asked channel 4 to rename Derry Girls to ‘Londonderry Girls’.
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When asked by Meanwhile in Ireland’s political correspondents for a comment, Sinn Féin councillor Patrick Adams laughed hysterically. He simply pleaded with the DUP man to “catch himself on”.

The SDLP, Alliance Party, and the Greens all issued similar statements in response to our request. However, there was an eery silence emanating from Unionist quarters when pressed.

The UUP, according to sources, are embarrassed but don’t want to alienate hard-line support, so have stayed silent.

Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, however, are said to be in agreement with the DUP. They have all blamed Sinn Féin for the contentious naming of the show.

Protests are planned for Saturday coming, but Meanwhile sources have been told “absolutely no one” will show up. Stayed tuned for further updates on the calls to rename Derry Girls to ‘Londonderry Girls’.