Two Irish farmers trying to deal with a mouse is hilarious (WATCH)

You would have thought big two farmers would be able to handle a tiny mouse.

A radio presenter from the north, Rachel Cochrane, called her dad and brother to sort out the small issue of a mouse in her house.

She had total the two big lads would be able to deal with the mouse, espcially when they turned up to her house with a shovel and a spade.

Luckily Rachel captured the antics of her dad William and brother John on video.

She told Belfast Live: “There was a mouse in the house so I deployed the grown men and we had to move the furniture because in my father’s words, ‘I need room to swing’.

“Those two idiots are my brother and dad. They’re farmers from Coleraine so they really should have been able to keep a lid on the screaming.”

It should be mentioned before you watch the video that no mice were harmed in the making of this video.

Watch the hilarious video below: