Freelance Writer at Meanwhile in Ireland

Are you interested in working as a freelance writer for one of Ireland’s most popular humour websites, specialising in news, viral videos and general Irish craic?

If so, this is the opportunity for you! This Freelance Writer role will require you to write great content for Meanwhile in Ireland, inspiring our readers with fresh, funny, factual, and original articles. 

Desirable attributes

  • Proficient English language skills; at least a B in English studies at Junior/Senior Certificate/GCSE or equivalent
  • Good knowledge of and passion for media, lifestyle, and the news
  • Appetite for the craic, with a desire to entertaining readers
  • Finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the media and what everyone is talking about
  • A knack for writing engaging content
  • Awareness of the market and competitors

Job duties

  • Submit an agreed number of articles per week (at least five)
  • Content is to be submitted online; this is an entirely remote role
  • Only written content will be required; you will not need to provide photos or visual assets
  • This is an entirely flexible role. Work how you want, when you want. As long as you consistently produce good content that will inspire people to travel to Ireland, we’re happy!

The application process

  • You will be asked to write one article that you think would perform well on our site. This article must not yet be covered by Meanwhile in Ireland
  • We will send you guidelines on style and layout in an introductory email
  • If we feel that your article is of publishable quality, we will post it on our site and social media. We will also pay you for the article
  • If it performs well (based on page views and social media engagement), you will be offered a position as a freelance writer on our team

How you will be paid

  • You will be paid per article at an agreed rate on a freelance basis
  • Payments will be made into your Bank/PayPal account within one week of your article going live

How to apply

Please send us an email to [email protected] and let us know why you want this position, information of any previous experience, and any examples of recent work (if any).

It is important to note that we receive a large volume of submissions. While we strive to get back to everyone promptly, we can only reply to successful candidates in certain instances

We look forward to hearing from you!