‘Frostbit’ boy gets bit by a shark while on holiday in Dubai

The County Derry ‘Frostbit’ boy hit the headlines again this week after surviving a shark attack deep in Middle Eastern waters not long after the Kerry beach ordeal.

Breaking news from the Middle East has emerged this evening, where it appears that the infamous ‘Frostbit’ boy has been bitten by a shark whilst summer holidaying in Dubai.

It was unclear at the time of reporting exactly how this incident came about for the Derry man. However, what we do know is that he mistook the sharks for an innocent colony of dolphins.

Wouldn’t be long getting’ sharkbit – the next adventure

'Frostbit' boy wouldn't be long getting sharkbit.
Credit: YouTube / Storyful

“Sure you wouldn’t be long getting’ sharkbit,” the Irishman said to a bemused Dubai media, who didn’t understand a word ‘Frostbit’ boy was saying.

Who can blame them? 99% of people at home struggle to comprehend.

Ruairí McSorley, as he is lesser-known, was speaking from his hospital bed in the King’s College Hospital in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) city.

The 24-year-old suffered a fairly vicious bite from the shark to his right leg as he attempted to swim away from the ocean predator. However, he is recovering well, as he explained to the press.

“Ah sure, it’s nothin’ at all. Just a couple of stitches, and I’m back to me best. I should be back up and running shortly. It was only a matter of getting to the hospital to heat back up.”

The events – how the shark-bite came about

Ruari McSorely was bitten by a shark in Dubai.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Mr McSorley detailed how the event came about. “Well, I just thought I’d come for a nice and relaxed holiday after what happened the last time, but the water was just too inviting.

“I looked about, and I thought it was safe enough to go for a quick dip. So, with the shorts on, off I went. Little did I know I’d be swooped out again.

“I thought it was a couple of dolphins that were swimming close to me, so I went to say hello in true County Derry fashion. But,” so-called ‘Frostbit’ boy joked, “turns out it was a shark, and by God, I raced out of there.

“I got bit in the leg as I swam away, but thankfully, that’s all it did and off it went. It just didn’t fancy the rest of me, and thank God for that!”

A media star – where ‘Frostbit’ boy began

'Frostbit' boy injured in shark attack.
Credit: Facebook / Ruairi Caoimhin Rapheal McSorley

Mr McSorley first came to prominence back in 2015 when he was interviewed by UTV over the particularly cold winter weather at the time.

His famous words, “Sure you wouldn’t be long getting frostbit”, etched themselves in the national psyche. ‘Frostbit’ boy instantly became a YouTube sensation.

After a brief siesta from fame, the Derryman rose to prominence once more after he was rescued off the County Kerry coast at Inch Beach when he was missing for a dozen hours.

Mr McSorley plans to retire from media headlines. He explained, “they are too much work”, lamenting the fact he only wanted to go “for a peaceful wee dip”. Watch this space.