Girlfriend ‘furious’ that GAA calendar clashes with her last-minute plans

A girlfriend has been left ‘furious’ after it emerged that her boyfriend’s GAA calendar issued months in advance clashed with plans she made for the two at the last minute.

Sinead Hanna, from Belfast, had made plans for the couple to go for food and drinks, seemingly unaware of the fact that partner Michael Donnelly had a county league game that evening.

The GAA calendar

Donnelly, 23, had received his calendar for the year ahead in January of this year, now nine months ago and what would appear to be plenty of time for Hanna to adapt her plans accordingly.

Donnelly received explicit instructions from his manager that all plans, “especially with wives and girlfriends”, should be made around dates reserved for training and matches.

Donnelly took the necessary steps and informed Hanna at the beginning of the year that “this is just how it’s going to be”, with Hanna not taking the ultimatum lightly. Donnelly was content, however, with the matter seemingly solved and looked forward to the season ahead.

The last minute plans

However, oblivious to the conversation had in January, Hanna saw fit to book the two into a dinner reservation in the city centre, fully expecting that the plans would assume priority over everything else.

Mr. Donnelly had made his way home from work with his dinner pre-made and kitbag at the front door, his usual pre-training and pre-game ritual. Before he could tuck into his grub, Ms. Hanna greeted him and reportedly demanded; “Michael, hurry up and get ready we’re going for dinner.”

Initially stunned but not surprised at his girlfriend’s ignorance of his match, Donnelly struggled but eventually found the courage to inform Hanna that he had a match that evening. He had not mentally prepared for what was to come. 

According to friends and family who have been in contact with Meanwhile in Ireland, this is where the trouble started.

Hanna accosted the poor Donnelly, who was helpless in the situation and could only listen to the tirade that was to follow.

 “Are you serious, you have a match? But we have dinner plans and drinks. You never make plans with me! I am so fed up with this, Gaelic always comes first!”

A listening neighbour told Meanwhile in Ireland – “She was absolutely furious with him. She’ll have no voice left after that. God love that poor fella.”

The aftermath

After hours of needless fighting, Donnelly was forced to miss his match and is thought to be reconsidering his relationship with Ms. Hanna, however these musings are in the early stages.

It is unclear whether or not Ms. Hanna has learned from the episode, with sources telling Meanwhile in Ireland that she has plans in the works that will “accidentally” coincide with his next training session.

In other developments, GAA players from across the county have been gathering in the hope to establish a country-wide service for players victimised by this type of behaviour. It is hoped that the GAA will officially back and fund the plan.