Handkerchief Taylor Swift blew her nose in goes on sale for £300 on eBay after Belfast visit

The tissue, used sporadically throughout the night by the pop star, has hit the online market for hundreds of pounds after her Belfast visit.

A Meanwhile in Ireland investigation has revealed that a handkerchief that global pop star Taylor Swift blew her nose in whilst in Belfast has gone on sale online for hundreds of pounds.

The tissue, used by Swift when she visited the Tipsy Bird bar in Belfast, has hit the market for a whopping £300 (€350). Fans are scrambling over the purchase of the now-famous artefact.

The sale comes on the back of a mobile phone case touched by the American when in the Belfast bar. The case was put up for grabs by a fan for a similar fee. Yes, we are also scratching our heads at this.

Selling the handkerchief – making the most of the visit

The tissue used by Taylor Swift went on sale on eBay.
Credit: Flickr / Peter Barker

Speaking to the media, local pub-goer and avid Taylor Swift fan Angie Watson detailed how she got her hands on the tissue. “I was just following Taylor all night as best as I could,” she explained.

“Then, around 10:30 pm, when the drinks were starting to flow, I noticed she was just finished using a tissue and was throwing it out. I sprinted over to it once she left and took it from the bin.

“Yeah, some might find that weird, but all I saw were the dollar signs and off I was to collect it. The phone case is doing well too, but surely this is a bigger catch?” she asked the reporters, rhetorically, of course.

Hitting the market – eBay has it now

The tissue has gone for sale on eBay.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

The university student, who studies Finance, relayed to reporters why she thought it appropriate to put the overused item up for sale.

“Think about it; she’s a celebrity! Anything she touches turns to gold, and I just wanted my bit of gold. Is that so bad?” Another rhetorical question, we presume.

“Yeah, some may £300 is a disgrace. It may be.

“But it isn’t me paying for it. Some people just want this stuff and will fork out whatever cash they think is appropriate. I’m only getting in on the whole act”.

Response of Taylor and the Tipsy Bird – want their fair share

Taylor Swift recently visited Belfast.
Credit: Flickr / Eva Rinaldi

Meanwhile in Ireland inside sources have been led to believe that other attendees and staff members of the Tipsy Bird bar are claiming they deserve a cut of whatever sale comes from the handkerchief.

Some say they spotted the star drop the tissue and deserve their cut. Other staff members believe that by serving Taylor, they are owed their own piece. Watson, of course, is resisting all calls.

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, couldn’t get back across the Atlantic quick enough. The star has been left bemused by the situation. It is believed she fears any further return to Belfast in the aftermath.