Having A Sister Makes You A Better Person, Study Finds

Turns out, a sister can teach you a lot about conflict-resolution, empathy and how to nurture others.

Having a sister makes you an overall better person according to science. Results from a study published in The Journal of Family Psychology confirmed this theory. The study examined around 400 families with multiple siblings; one of whom was between the ages of 10-14. According to the results, having a sister was extremely positive for mental health in siblings.

Interestingly, the results also showed that siblings had a greater capacity to empathize, communicate, and resolve conflicts. Laura Padilla-Walker, a professor in the BYU’s School of Family Life said that even with all the fighting that may occur, “as long as they have affection, the positive will win out.”

Crucially, when siblings fight, they must learn to regulate their emotions. Controlling one’s emotions is a very important skill for later in life. And, even though sisters and siblings do argue, it is an undeniable truth that life with a brother or sister is less lonely. It’s not shocking that girls talk and are more communicative than boys. Therefore, if you have a sister, you’re more likely to talk out life’s problems.

There’s great news for girls too. Boys who grew up with sisters are better communicators with women in general. Even more interesting about the study is that it found that after the siblings parents have passed away, sisters do more to keep the family together.

So remember, despite the bickers and annoyances you might have with your siblings, they make you a better person.  Your siblings will be with you through your entire life so you might as well try and get on and appreciate each other!