How to make the perfect crisp sandwich: Dos and Don’ts

A crisp sandwich is a quintessential Irish delicacy, making for the perfect lunch or snack. Here is our guide to making the perfect crisp sandwich.

Whether you are a crisp sandwich novice or have never even heard of a crisp sandwich before, this article is the one for you.

We are here to give you the low down on how to make the perfect crisp sandwich. We’ll fill you in on all the details of what to do and, most importantly, what not to do.

Here are the ultimate dos and don’ts of how to make the perfect crisp sandwich.

The crisp sandwich – a beloved Irish snack

How to make the perfect crisp sandwich.
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One of our favourite Irish combos is, of course, crisps and bread. It is something that many people around the world genuinely can’t believe we eat.

There are, of course, the few that are intrigued and want to try it for themselves but don’t know where to start. That’s why we are here to help.

We want your perfect crisp sandwich to be just that: perfect. And there are a few things to do and not to do when it comes to making that epic Irish snack.

The crisp sandwich is popular for many reasons, especially because it is quick, super easy, and oh-so-tasty. However, if you get one thing wrong, the whole recipe can be a disaster.

We Irish know exactly what we need to do to make the ultimate crisp sandwich, and we are here to share the secrets with you.

The perfect recipe – what you need to do

What you need to do to make the perfect crisp sandwich.
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The first step in our guide of how to make the perfect crisp sandwich is critical. The type of crisps you use is absolutely crucial to this epic recipe, as, of course, is the bread.

We highly recommend the brands Tayto or King in Cheese and Onion flavour; nothing else will come close, so don’t even try.

When it comes to the sandwich itself, the bread plays a massive part, and we suggest using a fresh loaf of Brennans Bread Sliced Pan. This comes in an iconic yellow wrapper and can be found literally anywhere in Ireland.

We are revealing how to make the perfect crisp sandwich.
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Thirdly, to prevent the sandwich from being too dry, you must use Irish butter, which should be slightly melted, so it is spreadable and doesn’t destroy the fluffiness of the fresh bread.

We recommend getting a large sliced pan because we know from experience that once you make one of these, you will most likely go back for another round, and perhaps another after that.

A few things can go drastically wrong when attempting to make one of the best Irish snacks on the planet, though. So, let’s take a look at what you should definitely NOT do.

What NOT to do – the absolute no-nos

How to make the perfect crisp sandwich: Don't do this!
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We understand that this can be so exciting that you can easily mix up a few things or use the wrong ingredients, so don’t fret; we are here to let you know what you should NOT do when in our guide of how to make the perfect crisp sandwich.

Do not use any old type of bread. The bread has to be white Brennans sliced pan. Not Brennans batch loaf, not home brand bread, and most certainly not wholewheat or soda bread. Get this right, and you are off to a good start.

You may be tempted to grab any old Cheese and Onion flavoured crisps. Perhaps you’ll reach for crinkled, gourmet, or, even worse, a different flavour altogether, but don’t do it!

The Cheese and Onion flavour is what will make or break your sandwich. If you use anything other than Tayto or King, you will be greatly disappointed by the result.

Tayto Cheese and Onion is a must.
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Do not use any sauces on your sandwich that you may use on other types of sandwiches such as mayonnaise, chilli sauce, or ketchup – this is just a plain no!

The only medium you should have in there is pure Irish butter. Nothing fancy. All you need is just a traditional full dairy butter to complete the taste.

Do not add any herbs, spices, or even salt and pepper to your recipe; it will just take the flavour of the crisps away, and you will immediately regret this decision forcing you to bin it and start again.

The ultimate step in our guide of how to make the perfect crisp sandwich – time to enjoy

This is how to make the perfect crisp sandwich.
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We promise that if you follow these Irish sandwich rules carefully, you will not be disappointed. Maybe you had tried a crisp sandwich before and didn’t like it. If so, perhaps now you can spot the flaw and are willing to give it another go.

One major note to add to the epic Irish snack recipe is that everything should be fresh, especially the bread. So, make sure you check the date and give it a light squeeze to test its fluffiness before buying. This will make or break your perfect crisp sandwich experience.

Now, enjoy, and don’t forget to tell all your friends!