Idiot Driver Nearly Causes Crash In Derry (VIRAL VIDEO)

Should this person be banned from the roads?

It is infuriating when drivers cause death by drink driving and reckless driving. Car crashes are absolutely devastating and we should do everything in our power to avoid them.

The video below is also infuriating. However, we are happy that nobody was hurt.

The video shows an ‘R’ driver avoiding a collision narrowly when he attempted to overtake another car in Limavady who happened to have a camera on his dashboard. The incident happened on the Limavady mountain road, Derry.

The video has since been uploaded to the ‘Idiot drivers Northern Ireland’ Facebook page and everyone has been showing their anger.Watch the video below:

Watch the video below:

This truely is the idiot of the week on the Limavady mountain road.They never braked and pulled in when they seen the other car, instead tried to continue the pass….Idiot is going to kill someone #cc

Posted by Idiot drivers Northern Ireland on Wednesday, 1 February 2017