Ireland’s most famous circus experiencing a shortage of clowns

Ireland is currently facing a crisis of a shortage of clowns, showing that many people have left life in the ring here since the pandemic.

Ireland’s most famous circus, Tom Duffy's, is experiencing a shortage of clowns.

As if the pandemic didn’t take enough away from us over the last year. Now, it’s arisen that restrictions have led to a shortage of clowns throughout the country.

Tom Duffy’s Circus, one of the most successful circuses in Ireland, is currently appealing for people to become a clown for the world-famous circus. Do you have what it takes?

The effects of the pandemic – difficulties long after lockdown

Due to the effects of the pandemic, Ireland is currently facing a shortage of clowns.
Credit: / william hsueh

Covid-19 has had devastating impacts on many areas of life, but one thing that’s recently surfaced is Ireland’s clown crisis.

Since lockdown, many foreign workers have returned to their home countries, which has meant that many have not returned since.

Although we’re in a time where we’re seeing restrictions lifted and life is returning back to normal, now is a worrying time for those in the circus industry.

After circuses around Ireland have been closed for more than 500 days, they now face the crisis of a shortage of clowns.

A circus crisis – Ireland seeing a shortage of clowns

Duffy's circus is currently calling out for clowns.
Credit: Instagram / duffyscircus

David Duffy, the co-owner of Duffy’s circus, explained the situation whilst on BBC Radio Ulster.

“All our team that we had in place with us at the start of our 2020 season all obviously had to return to their home countries when we entered lockdown”.

He explained the dire consequences of this, as circuses around Europe having already been opened months ago.

“Because all the circuses in Europe and in England have been up and operational for the past six months, that huge pool of EU artists are already back at work.

“Up until last week we haven’t been able to even get visas issued for non-EU artists and entertainers,” he continued.

Duffy’s appeal – could you be the next world-famous clown?

Ireland has a shortage of clowns, but you could change that.
Credit: Facebook / @premiercircus

Now, Duffy’s are left with a problem; circuses are reopening in Ireland to entertain the country, but having a shortage of clowns means there’s no one there to entertain.

Taking action, Duffy’s are appealing to those around the country to consider a career as a circus performer, with David reaching out on the radio for “folks at home that are willing to give it a go.”

If you’re looking for a new career in a fun environment, travelling the world, with the reward of entertaining children and adults alike, you should think about it.   

Being a clown – what does it take?

Do you think you'd have what it takes?
Credit: Facebook / @premiercircus

Ireland having a shortage of clowns will have devastating consequences for the industry around the country, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Duffy’s is currently inspiring people to take up a career as a circus performer.

David Duffy explained that, above all, “people that have a bright, bubbly personality”, and “to be able to think on your feet.”

He later stated, “When you go into the circus ring and you’ve got seven or eight hundred people looking at you, no matter what sort of mood you’re in, you have to light up that circus ring.

“In a short couple of minutes, you have to be able to get a rapport going with them and interact and feed off them, so you have to be really, really adaptable. You have

Best of all, he claims that no previous circus experience in necessary.

Is this the career change you didn’t know you needed? If you want to find out more, you can find Duffy’s job appeal here.