Ireland’s first non-alcoholic nightclub opens in County Kerry

The nation that is known for its fierce love of the drink has shocked the world by opening its very first non-alcoholic nightclub.

Maybe you’re a full-time teetotaler, just fancy a pre-Christmas detox, or need to have a clear head the next day.

Whatever your reason for choosing to abstain from the drink, Ireland’s first non-alcoholic nightclub in County Kerry means you won’t have to miss out on the fun.

So, if you’re looking to break from the Irish stereotype and enjoy a sober night out, make the trip to County Kerry for Ireland’s first non-alcoholic nightclub.

The first of its kind in Ireland – opt for something softer

The Virtue Club is the first of its kind in Ireland.
Credit: Instagram / @thevirtueclub

The aptly named Virtue Club in Tralee will provide a fun-filled weekly night out without the following day headache.

Whether you don’t drink at all or just don’t feel like having one, a trip to Ireland’s first non-alcoholic nightclub will allow you to dance the night away without feeling the pressure to drink.

Those looking to get involved can register for membership online.

They work on the premise of ‘0% alcohol, 100% craic’. So, choosing to turn down the alcohol doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun.

Ireland’s first non-alcoholic nightclub – plenty of alternative drinks on offer

Ireland's first non-alcoholic nightclub opens.
Credit: Pixabay / eszterateh

Offering the full nightclub experience, revellers at Virtue Club can order the alcohol-free alternative to their favourite drinks.

You can enjoy 0% lager, beer, and cider options, including Heineken and Kopperberg. Or, opt for alcohol-free wine and flavourful mocktails. Whatever you choose, you will be spoilt for choice.

Located on the old John Mitchels GAA grounds in Tralee, the club is the first of its kind in Ireland.

The concept has already proven popular, according to RTÉ News, as the club already has a waiting list of members hoping to join.

Inspired by experiences of social anxiety – breaking the stigma

The perfect night of alcohol-free craic.
Credit: Instagram / @thevirtueclub

Speaking to RTÉ, organiser Lisa Curran said the idea for Ireland’s first non-alcoholic nightclub was inspired by her own experiences of social anxiety.

She said, “Personally, I wanted an alternative because I came on a huge journey with my own mental health. Finally, as an adult, I got a diagnosis of autism and ADHD.

“I found when I went out that the peer pressure was always there,” she said.

“Sometimes, to just get rid of the peer pressure, you’d end up having a drink and regretting it the next day, especially when you’re on good medication that keeps you feeling really positive.

“It would throw it all off for a few days,” she continued.

After voicing the idea on social media, Lisa was overwhelmed by the positive responses and expressions of interest.

Something for everyone – avoiding the hangover

Ireland's first non-alcoholic nightclub opens in County Kerry.
Credit: Pixabay / 453169

Lisa was flooded with responses from people interested in the idea of Ireland’s first non-alcoholic nightclub.

One attendee, Danielle Faulkner, told RTÉ that the idea appealed to her because she could enjoy a fun night out but still feel able to look after her daughter the next day.

She said, “It’s a life choice I made in the last few years; it’s nice to be able to go home and not have a hangover the next day.”

While the club provides a space for people to enjoy a night of alcohol-free craic, the organisers have explained that they are not anti-alcohol.

Ms Curran said, “There’s no judgement, no expectations. We’re not expecting people to give up drink; we’re just offering an alternative, which is a safe, fun atmosphere.

“The ethos really is all-inclusive, all welcome; post lockdown, I think people appreciated that they needed company.”