Jamie Dornan in the running to be next 007

Northern Irish heartthrob Jamie Dornan has had an impressive career thus far. Now, it seems like the only way is up.

From Holywood to Hollywood, the Northern Irish actor already has several accolades under his belt. Now, Jamie Dornan is in the running to be next 007.

Daniel Craig’s impressive run as everyone’s favourite spy has come to an end. So, the franchise is on the lookout for its next main man.

Personally, we think that a James Bond with a Northern Irish accent is exactly what’s been missing all this time.

The name’s Dornan, Jamie Dornan – the first Bond from Northern Ireland?

Jamie Dornan could be the next 007.
Credit: Instagram / @jamiedornan

The latest instalment in the James Bond series, No Time To Die, hit cinemas earlier this month, greeted by rave reviews from fans.

It was an emotional time for the team as Daniel Craig, who has portrayed Bond for the past 15 years, said he was stepping down.

As Craig announced his fifth time as Bond would be his last, speculation turned to who would be next to fill the role.

And we’re stoked to discover that Jamie Dornan is in the running to be next 007.

Contenders for the role – the biggest names in the industry right now

Daniel Craig's run as Bond has come to an end.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Following in the footsteps of the previous 007s such as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan, some of the biggest names in Hollywood right now have been mentioned.

Accompanying Jamie Dornan in the running to be next 007 is Superman Henry Cavill and Bridgerton’s Régé-Jean Page.

While we could see any of the three men take on the role, we might be biased when we say we hope to see Northern Ireland’s finest take on the role.

Dornan might have the edge – the words of an insider

Jamie Dornan could be the next 007.
Credit: imdb.com

Speaking to OK! Magazine, an insider got our hopes up that Jamie Dornan could be in the lead to be next 007. They said, “Of course, producers are proceeding carefully because so much depends on who they choose.”

They gave the inside scoop that Dornan may have the edge, explaining that Craig “had an incredible run, and they need someone who can carry on the suave 007 legacy.”

The insider explained that from his previous role as the infamous Christian Grey, Dornan has shown he could be Bond.

“He’s already shown he has what it takes to see a franchise through to success with Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Other contenders for the role – two more Hollywood heartthrobs

Régé-Jean Page is also in the running.
Credit: Instagram / @regejean

While we are excited to hear the news that Jamie Dornan is in the running to be next 007, we must admit we wouldn’t be too disappointed if either of the other two names took the role.

Régé-Jean Page took over our screens last year as the Duke in Netflix’s Bridgerton. Now, we’d love to see him take on the role of Hollywood’s favourite MI6 agent.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill has had an impressive career as Superman and Sherlock Holmes. Thus, Bond seems like the next step to take.

Concluding, the insider told OK! that with Daniel Craig’s final Bond taking to our screens this month, “there’s not going to be any decision announced for a while.”

They predict, “Until then, the competition’s neck and neck.”

So, for now, we’re just hoping the next James Bond will be the second to hail from Ireland!