Kilkenny art installation showcases incredible sculptures of cats

Kilkenny Catwalk is the ultimate art installation for cat lovers, showcasing 21 incredible cat sculptures around the city.

A brand new public art installation in Kilkenny will open this weekend, showcasing incredible sculptures of cats throughout the city.

A cat lover’s dream come true; members of the public can make their way through the city, guided by cat sculptures illustrated by some of Ireland’s most talented artists.

The trail will go live for Kilkenny Day this Sunday, 10 October, and remain in place until Easter 2022. So, you have plenty of time to check out the unique installation.

A one-of-a-kind installation – say hello to Kilkenny’s cats

This one-of-a-kind installation showcases Kilkenny's cats.
Credit: Facebook / @KilkennyCatWalk

The public art installation in Kilkenny showcasing incredible sculptures of cats is a truly unique concept.

Organisers invite visitors to follow the trail on the official Kilkenny Catwalk Trail App. Using the app, you can find sculptures located in beautiful public spaces. Many of these are attached to heritage buildings around the city.

Kilkenny Catwalk is designed as a fun and unique way to immerse people of all ages in Kilkenny’s rich history. So, this is sure to be a heritage trail like none you’ve ever experienced.

Visit Kilkenny and the incredible sculptures of cats – a new attraction for a good cause

Kilkenny art installation showcases sculptures of cats.
Credit: Facebook / @KilkennyCatWalk

Kilkenny Civic Trust created the Kilkenny Catwalk trail in partnership with Kilkenny County Council.

They designed the outdoor attraction to invite visitors to the city whilst adhering to physical distancing requirements, regardless of restrictions. They hope that the quirky trail will support local Tourism and Hospitality businesses affected by COVID restrictions.

The trail is intended to bring a smile to people’s faces. Supporting the government’s Keep Well Campaign, the project aims to “support people and communities to mind their physical and mental health over the coming months”.

After the project, Kilkenny Civic Trust will auction off artwork to raise funds to refurbish the St Marys Almshouse in Kilkenny.

What to see – Kilkenny’s most famous cat

Check out Kilkenny's most famous cat.
Credit: Kilkenny Catwalk Trail

The model used for the Kilkenny art installation showcasing incredible sculptures of cats is the city’s most famous cat.

A 5 ft (1.5 m) tall fibreglass resin sculpture of Pangur Bán from Cartoon Saloon’s The Secret of Kells is the basis of all sculptures on display.

Set in ninth-century Ireland and based on the famous Book of Kells, The Secret of Kells is a firm family favourite.

Celebrating Kilkenny’s artists, The Secret of Kells was the first movie by four-time Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Emmy-nominated Kilkenny animation studio Cartoon Saloon.

A celebration of local artists – Ireland’s creative spirit

Kilkenny art trail showcases sculptures of cats.
Credit: Facebook / @KilkennyCatWalk

Many of the incredible cat sculptures on display at Kilkenny Catwalk are the work of Ireland’s high profile artists.

Along the way, you can also see sculptures designed by local youth groups and Kilkenny’s camogie and hurling teams.

Kilkenny Catwalk 2021 will officially launch this Sunday, 10 October, at 1 pm at Butler House Gardens, 16 Patrick Street.

Organisers encourage guests to come along to meet and chat with the artists. You can discover the motivations behind their incredible works, as well as get a chance to speak with the talented Cartoon Saloon Team.

Visit the Kilkenny Catwalk website here to find out more.