Licence granted for three Garth Brooks concerts in Ireland

Things might be looking up for Irish fans of iconic star Garth Brooks. He reportedly plans to return to Ireland to perform next year.

Licence granted for three Garth Brooks concerts in Ireland.

Where were you seven years ago when Irish Garth Brooks fans were left bitterly disappointed? Back in 2014, disaster struck when Brooks decided to cancel his entire Ireland tour after an uproar over licensing.

But now, there is speculation that Garth Brooks may be returning to Ireland to perform once again.

The history – a tragedy for Garth Brooks’ fans

400,000 fans were left devastated after Garth Brooks' concert in Ireland was cancelled.
Credit: Instagram / @garthbrooks

Garth Brooks was due to perform for five nights in Croke Park, Ireland during his 2014 tour.

However, after local residents complained about the disruption the concerts would cause in the area, the event licence only approved Brooks to play for three nights.

The country singer announced that he would play five nights in Croke Park or none at all in response. And thus, Ireland was left Garth Brook-less.

Over 400,000 Irish fans were left devastated after buying tickets to attend the sold-out shows.

Garth Brooks’ grand return – licence granted for three concerts

There has been a licence approved for three concerts, with two more potentially on the way.

Recently, an upturn of this unfortunate news has echoed throughout the country. There is speculation that now, seven years later, the performer is planning to return to Dublin once again.

According to The Irish Independent, Dublin City Council has granted a licence for Garth Brooks to play three concerts in Croke Park in 2022.

A local authority has also reportedly confirmed that licences in Croke Park were granted for concerts on 9, 10, and 11 September of next year.

Details on the artists performing on these dates are “confidential due to commercial sensitivity at this time”. However, they are understood to relate to Garth Brooks.

Not all is lost – the return of Garth Brooks in Ireland at last?

Garth Brooks may return to Ireland at last.
Credit: / fatherspoon

Croke Park is only licenced to host three concerts per year.

Therefore, it seems that special planning approval will need to be obtained before you’ll hear ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ echoing throughout Dublin, as Brooks is reportedly still determined to play for five nights.

However, all is not lost; reportedly, there has been an application for two more concert dates in the venue on 17 and 18 September.

As well as this, organisers plan to potentially seek out a new venue for additional concerts if controversy arises amongst local residents.

A love for Ireland – a comment from Brooks

Garth Brooks has not confirmed his return to Ireland, but has declared his love for the country.
Credit: Instagram / @garthbrooks

In a Facebook live stream this week, Garth Brooks did not confirm his return to Ireland, but said that, “if I do get to play and go to Ireland and play music again, we will be the luckiest people on the planet.”

He continued, “The second I know whether or not it’s going to happen or not I will let you know.” 

The five sold-out concerts planned back in 2014 show just how many diehard fans there are of Garth Brooks in Ireland. If confirmed, this is news that is expected to excite many.

Time will tell what the fate is for expectant Irish Garth Brooks fans, and if all goes to plan, hopefully some local residents are up for it too.