Lisa McGee hints that a Derry Girls movie could be on the cards

The Derry Girls gang reunited last week to commence filming the third and final season of the hit Channel 4 sitcom.

As filming commences for the third and final season of the hit series, creator Lisa McGee hints that a Derry Girls movie could be on the cards.

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty ‘buzzing’, as Erin might say, with the prospect of seeing our favourite Derry schoolgirls hit the big screen.

Here is everything we know about a possible Derry Girls movie so far.

The end of an era – the third and final season

Lisa McGee announced season three will be the last.

Derry Girls has become a global phenomenon since season one hit our screens in 2018. Fans were heartbroken last month when news broke that the upcoming season would be the last.

However, while this may be the last we see of Erin and the gang on our small screen, creator Lisa McGee hinted in a recent interview that there might be more to come in the future.

McGee announced the news on Twitter that season three will be the last. However, she closed out the statement with a cryptic note on the future of the gang.

She wrote, “Who knows if Erin, Clare Orla, Michelle and James will return in some other guise someday? But for now, this is it for us.”

Will we be seeing a Derry Girls movie? – what we know so far

What we know about a Derry Girls movie so far.
Credit: Twitter / @LisaMMcGee

McGee graduated from Queen’s University in Belfast in 2002 with a BA in Drama. Last week, the Derry-born playwright returned to her Alma Mater to accept an honorary doctorate.

While in Belfast, McGee spoke to the BBC about the possibility of a Derry Girls movie.

She said, “There might be… I’d love to do… perhaps a movie of Derry Girls, and then I have a few other projects, but they’re very early days at the minute. I hope so. I haven’t even thought what it would be about yet.

We sure hope the girls – and James – will grace the big screens in a Derry Girls movie, too!

Always the plan to have three seasons – a big family on set

Lisa McGee hints at a Derry Girls movie.
Credit: Twitter / @LisaMMcGee

McGee spoke to the BBC about the decision to bring Derry Girls to an end after three seasons. She said, “We’ve always known that we wanted to do three series and all the actors kind of knew that as well.

“We’ve known this was coming. But I think we’ve become like family ourselves, the cast and the crew. So, it’ll be sad when we wrap that last day.”

Season three of Derry Girls is currently being filming, and the gang and their antics are due to hit our screens again early next year. From there, we can only hope that the dream of a Derry Girls movie will come true.