Local Kerry Pub Legend Has Strongest Irish Accent EVER!!

This man’s accent is so strong; most Irish people cannot understand him!

There have been many videos over the years that have gone viral about Irish people and their accents.

Some videos have been education; some made just for the craic and some accidental viral sensations where the accents have been strange or difficult to understand.

Take ‘Frostbit boy’ for example or a Kerry Farmer who had his sheep stolen. The following video is just this.

Colm Flynn was in Killarney recently recording for the ‘Your Town’ bit on the RTÉ Today Show.

The Today Show is a mix of the issues of the day, entertainment news, food, fashion beauty, book clubs, health, well being, home and garden, consumer news, money management, parenting and kids, relationships and travel.

The show regularly gets Ireland talking every afternoon using a mixture of contributors from RTÉ’s studios around the country.

Part of the Show is called ‘Your Town’ where TV & Radio presenter & producer Colm Flynn travels around Ireland to rural towns meeting locals and giving an insight into the history and culture of these towns.

In this particular episode, Flynn travels to the town of Killarney which is located on the shores of Lough Leane in southwest Ireland’s County Kerry.

It is a stop on the Ring of Kerry scenic drive, and the start and finishing point of the 200-km Kerry Way walking trail.

The town’s 19th-century buildings include St. Mary’s Cathedral. Across the bridge from the cathedral is Killarney National Park. Victorian mansion Muckross House, Gardens & Traditional Farms sits in the park.

Flynn interviewed a local Killarney man called ‘Sham’ who had a chat in front of the camera.

Sham is an elderly gent who is a bit of a town legend; it has been said that “you will see him anywhere and everywhere.

He mostly seems like he’s drunk, but that might just be the way he talks, He lives out in Muckross, but he could be found anywhere in the Killarney region.”

“He is to Killarney what Roy Keane is to Cork. Untouchable.” This is what a blogger wrote in describing Sham on an article which discussed the people of Killarney.

Sham and Jedward on the sesh

Locals and tourists have met and shared their stories about this man over the years, so it was good that he finally got recognition on live TV from Ireland’s biggest broadcaster.

However, the bizarre interview became a big hit online as most people did not have a clue what he was saying!

If you look closely at the Flynn when he interviews the Kerry man, you will notice that he was finding it very hard to understand him.

However, can you make out what the Kerry legend is saying? Let us know on social media after watching!

Watch the amazing interview below:

While recording in Killarney recently for 'Your Town' on the RTÉ Today Show, I met a local legend called 'Sham'.

Posted by Colm Flynn on Sunday, 15 October 2017