New study finds drinking beer could reduce risk of dementia

Subjects who consumed supplements containing bitter hops extracts were found to display better memory recall.

A new study conducted by Japanese scientists has found that drinking beer could improve your concentration and reduce the risk of dementia.

The scientists concluded that consuming beer hops regularly can effectively reduce stress levels and boost mood.

So, the next time you’re debating whether to grab a cold one, just remember it could actually be good for your health.

Drinking beer could reduce your risk of dementia – we’ll drink to that

Great news for beer drinkers!
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Scientists from Juntendo University Faculty of Medicine and the Fukushima Healthcare Center in Japan conducted a study on 100 otherwise healthy people aged between 45 and 69.

They were surprised to discover the results. The new study revealed that drinking beer could actually reduce the risk of dementia.

The study’s findings suggest that the matured hop bitter acids, known as MHBA, could effectively tackle dementia.

An in-depth study – following a rigorous process

Drinking beer could reduce risk of dementia.
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The study showing that drinking beer could reduce the risk of dementia found that test subjects who consumed supplements containing bitter hops extracts displayed improved memory recall.

The subjects who consumed the supplements also performed better in aptitude test memory puzzles.

Subjects chosen for the study had previously displayed signs of Selective Cognitive Decline (SCD) or deteriorating memory function.

Some subjects were given placebos, and others took a daily dose of MHBA as part of the study. All subjects took tests at both the beginning and end of the 12-week study to test their cognition.

Promising results – an effective way to combat dementia

The tests showed promising results.
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The test subjects gave saliva and blood samples. The scientists then tested these samples to analyse the effects on hormones connected with cognitive function and stress.

The report, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, showed promising results. Thus, indicating that drinking beer could actually reduce the risk of dementia.

The report states, “We observed improved attention and reduced stress after neuropsychological tests (assessed by endorphin levels) in the participants who received MHBA supplements.”

In conclusion, the findings revealed, “The present study results showed that MHBA supplementation improved mental processing speed, attention, and concentration and reduced mental stress after intellectual work in healthy adults aged 45 to 69 years with Selective Cognitive Decline.”

So beer is good for your health? – let’s go to the pub

A new study finds that drinking beer could reduce risk of dementia.
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The findings also suggest that MHBA could also prove effective in improving energy metabolism among overweight subjects. Thus, if proven correct, a trip to the pub could help you lose weight.

Thus, it seems there are many benefits to drinking beer. Personally, we can’t wait to see the findings of future studies.

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