Niall Horan trades music for sport by starting a golf management company

From singing and dancing to a focus on sport. Let’s find out how Niall Horan trades music for sport by starting a golf management company.

It’s a long road back for anyone who has ever performed in a boy band during their earlier days. Yes, the money may help to feather a nest and provide accommodation amongst Hollywood’s A-listers later on in life.

Still, ultimately, these men are doing everything they can thereafter to try and shake off the image that they once danced in sync with four other guys whilst also having sat on Ellen DeGeneres’ sofa to explain why their new song, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, is about changing the world.

It should be said that very few are able to achieve the level of respect they aim for as they get older, but Niall Horan may be the exception to the rule. 

Modest! Golf – Horan’s clients’ priced to win some prestigious tournaments

Credit: Instagram/ @Niallhoran

In golf circles, at least, Horan is certainly revered after starting a golf management company called Modest! Golf.

For further proof of how far Horan has come in recent years with this new venture, take a look at the latest golf odds for the biggest upcoming events in 2022. You will see a host of Horan’s clients priced to win some of the most prestigious tournaments in golf. 

Horan’s biggest acquisition has undoubtedly been Tyrrell Hatton, who is world number 18, and at just 22/1 to win the Open Championship in July.

In short, it was an incredible coup by Horan’s company to pull off the signing of Hatton, having only been in business for six years. The Englishman joins some of the most exciting names in world golf at Modest.

Singing to golf management – how did he do it?

It’s hard to put into words how quickly he has been able to make waves or indeed explain how he’s been able to do it.

One theory is that all these golfers who were undoubtedly very driven when growing up didn’t have time to listen to music, so they don’t hold One Direction’s five studio albums against the Irishman. 

Either way, golf’s best players including Tyrrell Hatton are more than happy to be associated with the 28-year-old and have left their careers in his hands.

Furthermore, it’s clear that Horan’s company offers an exceptionally streamlined service, which is why he is enjoying the degree of success.

Making a difference for women’s golf – using his second act to build a legacy


There is also another significant point to consider as to why Horan is seen as an individual who can change professional golf for the better. 

Indeed, Horan is carrying the flag for the professional women’s game as well. He has even signed up talented Irish golfer Leona Maguire to his company.

Crucially, Horan is a huge advocate for greater prize money and worldwide exposure of the women’s game and has made it his job to promote the sport.

Whatever you think of his music, that is a cause that deserves huge admiration, and it’s not a surprise that the Irishman has earned the respect of the golfing world. 

So, for every Liam Payne after the Oscars, it’s important to remember that you get a Niall Horan who is using his second act after One Direction to build a legacy that will enhance people’s lives. In fact, there’s no need to whisper it anymore, Horan is very likeable.