Ryanair will now charge you for 10kg carry-on bags from November

Passengers who fly with Ryanair will now have to pay to put a second bag in the hold.

Irish airline Ryanair has announced a change of policy – to end its long-standing practice of permitting passengers to take on a small 10kg bag for free.

From November, passengers will be charged between €6 – €10 to bring a second bag onboard a Ryanair flight. To avoid this, you must be a priority customer.

From the date of enforcement, if you want to bring onboard a medium-sized suitcase (of up to 10kg), you will have one of two choices:

  • You can pay between €6 – €8 (to put it in the overhead locker above them)
  • Or you can pay between €8 – €10 to check the luggage in

The airline, which is familiar which criticism for extra charges, revealed the news this month. They claim that 60% of its customers will not be affected by the charges because 30% already buy priority boarding. In addition, they argue another 30% travel with just one single small cabin bag anyway.