Should Weed Be Legalised in Ireland? (VOTE NOW)

Cannabis in Ireland is illegal for recreational purposes. Use for medical purposes requires case-by-case approval by the Minister for Health. A bill to legalise medical uses of cannabis passed second reading in Dáil Éireann (lower house) in December 2016.

We are curious as to what our followers think about the issue of Cannabis’ legal status. We have highlighted some key arguments for and against legalisation (there are a lot more, we’ve tried to keep it brief and unbiased). After reading them, you can vote at the bottom of the page.

Some of the arguments FOR Legalising Weed:

  • Many people often state the fact that using weed is only as harmful as using tobacco or consumption of alcohol, which is both legal. If you look at both these cases, then there is a case for marijuana also to be made legal.
  • According to studies and proven results, there are many medical uses of marijuana including benefits in patients suffering from cancer, glaucoma, and AIDS.
  • A large amount of money spent on preventing illegal trade in marijuana could be saved if it is legalised and regulated.

Some of the arguments AGAINST Legalising Weed:

  • One of the harmful effects of weed is that if used for an extended period of time, it can have a severe impact on a person’s health and their general well-being.
  • Several studies have shown that many users who started off using marijuana moved on to using harder and more harmful drugs like heroin and cocaine.
  • Marijuana’s effect on the brain is also often quoted with prolonged use causing hallucinations, psychotic behaviour, paranoia, impairment of motor ability, increase in mood swings, etc.

With this in mind, should Cannabis be fully legalised (fully to include recreational use)? Have your say by voting below:

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