Sinn Féin more likely to get All-Ireland than Mayo, bookies claim

Sinn Féin has overtaken the Connacht champions in the race to win an All-Ireland, Irish bookies have announced following Tyrone’s final success.

Following another Mayo defeat in this year’s All-Ireland Football Final, Irish bookies have claimed that Sinn Féin is now more likely to win an All-Ireland than the Mayo football team.

In the aftermath of the final last Saturday, the Shinner’s odds slashed to 1/4 while Mayo’s chances now stand at a remote 13/1. This is not ideal for the Connacht champions who suffered yet another heartbreaking loss.

Another defeat for Mayo – is the curse real?

Sinn Féin more likely to win an All-Ireland than Mayo.

After Mayo’s defeat to Ulster Champions Tyrone in the 2021 Final, people across Ireland who were previously sceptical of anything to do with religion, spirits, or ghosts are starting to believe the infamous ‘Mayo curse’ is real.

The county has not won an All-Ireland since 1951. This was their sixth All-Ireland final defeat since 2012, and their second to an Ulster outfit after Donegal triumphed almost a decade ago.

The bookies have thus not taken too kindly to the Connacht men’s future chance of glory, ranking them lower than a certain political party also aiming to reach the holy grail.

Sinn Féin to win an All-Ireland? – before Mayo anyway!

Tyrone took the title last Saturday.
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Thomas McWilliams, Chief Executive of the Irish Bookies and Bet Association (IBBA), who spoke to Meanwhile in Ireland reporters exclusively, revealed how the decision was made.

“Well, it was inevitable, really. Mayo lost again. The curse is real, no? Time and time they come, and time and time they lose. I don’t think there is any way around it now.

“So the national bookies came together and decided that, while Mayo maybe still can win it, it isn’t too likely. They claimed there’s a new outsider who has overtaken them.

“That is Sinn Féin, and they aren’t far off an All-Ireland now. What, with the Brexit Protocol in full-forward, Mary Lou in Midfield, Pearse Doherty at centre-half back, and Eoin O’Broin at home in nets, they are a real force.

Sinn Féin response – all we need is one 

Sinn Féin more likely to win an All-Ireland than Mayo.
Credit: Flickr / Sinn Féin

In response to the shock odds, spokespeople for the party were quick to play down the announcement’s significance. They said that “it was stating the absolute obvious.”

“We are on the march. An All-Ireland title is coming. Tyrone had none before 2003, and now they have four! All we need is one All-Ireland, and we will be happy enough. Bigí linn.”

Local reports claim that the odds in favour of Sinn Féin success have drawn the ire of the DUP, Fine Gael, and Fianna Fail. All of whom failed to recognise the legitimacy of Tyrone’s All-Ireland victory.

“What is the All-Republic of Ireland championship, anyway?” queried DUP man Roger Wilson.

Meanwhile, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael representatives declared Kerry champions after “Tyrone’s Covid cheat”. “Typical Northerners,” one was heard to have uttered.