The 10 funniest barber shop names in Ireland, RANKED

Irish businesses have developed some epic names over the years. Here are the ten funniest barber shop names in Ireland, ranked.

Looking the funniest barber shop names in Ireland? When it comes to opening up a barbers or any business, there’s a lot that comes with it like planning, renovation, and promotion. The fun comes when you get to name your pride and joy.

Just like it’s your baby, the name is super important, it’s what will be in giant letters for everyone to see.

It’s the words you’ll be repeating day in and day out as long as your business is open and it’s something you should think twice about before committing to because it’s not easily changed.

With that being said, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to be quirky, unique, and downright hilarious with your choice, so here are the ten funniest barber shop names in Ireland.

10. The Guillotine Barber Shop, Ennis, Co. Clare – this isn’t what I asked for?

The Guillotine Barber Shop is another great spot to get a haircut.
Credit: @Guillotinebarbershop / Facebook

A step further than the cutthroat barbers, these guys are a little more serious, we think, or is it all a big joke?

We’re afraid to find out, so lets just awkwardly laugh instead.

Address: Upper Market St, Clonroad Beg, Ennis, Co. Clare

9. Major Fader Barber Shop, Galway City, Co. Galway can you guess his speciality?

Major Fader is a stylish and atmospheric barbers worth checking out.
Credit: @majorfader12 / Instagram

Sure isn’t this a catchy one.

“Lads anyone else fancy a visit to Major Fader’s this weekend?” Sounds like the rave of the century, and we love it.

Address: First Floor, 2 Churchyard St, Galway, H91 P59T

8. Men with Class Barber Shop Limerick City, Co. Limerick – get a cut and some class

Another of our favourite titles is Men with Class.
Credit: @menwithclassbabershop / Facebook

If you don’t have class, don’t even bother heading down here, you’ll be turned away.

Ah, we’re just joking, but we do love this name, even if you don’t have class, perhaps it comes free with the hair cut?

Address: 22 High St, Limerick, V94 XDA5

7. Cut and Sew Barbers, Temple Bar, Co. Dublin – it’s not what you think

Cut and Sew is a clever name for a barbers.
Credit: @CutandSewdublin / Facebook

Don’t head down here with your ripped clothes, because you’ll be sadly disappointed.

Cut and Sew is almost as clever as a hairdresser’s named Curl up and Dye. Is it the same owner?

If not, we think they would get along rather well.

Address: 31/32 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin

6. The Hairy Barber, Tullamore, Co. Offaly – he is Offaly hairy

The Hairy Barber is another of the funniest barber shop names in Ireland.
Credit: @thehairybarber_ / Instagram

Could this be the sidekick of the baldy barber? We think we could trust a barber ‘with’ hair, but how much hair does he have, and why doesn’t he cut it.

Now that’s a tough one, but a funny one indeed. Check out The Hairy Barber.

Address: O’Carroll Street, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

5. The Kranky Barber, Mallow, Co. Cork – don’t get on his bad side

The Kranky Barber is another of the funniest barber shop names in Ireland.

Don’t we all love the monthly trip to the barber? You sit down, relax, and have a beer while being greeted by this cranky fellow, It’s what we all long for.

Ah we’re sure he can’t be that cranky, can he?

Address: 2 Spa Square, The Spa, Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 FXR4

4. Cut Throat Barbers, Galway City, Co. Galway  they’re wizards with a blade

Another of the funniest barber shop names in Ireland is Cutthroat barber shop.
Credit: @cutthroatbarbershopgalway / Facebook

Let’s hope the barbers here are experienced enough not to cut your throat when all you wanted was a hair cut and maybe a beard trim at the most.

This name certainly catches your attention and gives us a good giggle.

Address: Cross Street Lower, Galway

3. The Baldy Barber, Blackpool, Co. Cork – never trust a bald barber

The Baldy Barber is another of the top funniest barber shop names in Ireland.
Credit: @baldybarbercork / Facebook

Well we don’t know about you, but we would be sceptical about trusting a barber with no hair, it’s like trusting a skinny chef, but maybe we’re wrong, this baldy barber may just be a terribly humorous fella, and we can’t help but love it.

Address: 6 Great William O’Brien St, Blackpool, Cork, T23 PC60

2. Peaky Barbers, Knocknaheeny, Co. Cork – you’ll remember this one

Another of the funniest barber shop names in Ireland has to include Peaky Barbers.
Credit: @PEAKYBARBERSCORK / Facebook

Can you guess what their favourite show is?

Peaky Barbers is an epic name for a barbershop, undoubtedly one to remember and certainly not one we’ve heard of before.

Maybe this is where Cillian Murphy gets his hair cut?

Address: 7 Knocknaheeny Ave, Knocknaheeney, Cork, T23 HR12

1. Bogey’s Barber Shop, Swords, Co. Dublin – our top pick

Bogey's Barber Shop is another of the top funniest barber shop names in Ireland.
Credit: @BogeysBarberShop / Facebook

If you’re from Ireland, you certainly know what a bogey is, and it’s not something you want to find anywhere public, let alone in your hair.

We’re curious where the name came from, it certainly makes us laugh that’s for sure. Let’s just hope there’s no truth to it!

Address: 61 Rathbeale Rd, Commons West, Swords, Co. Dublin, K67 P8W6