Three Guys Irish Dancing Their Way Around The Globe (WATCH)

Could this Viral Hit be the Best Travel Video…EVER?

Three talented lads from Dublin and Kildare travelled the world and had a great time doing it. To top it all off, they made an amazing travel video which shows them Irish dancing at many of the iconic locations they visited.

Iain McNamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe, all 26, never forgot the emerald isle on their travels and they showed this with their dance moves in this epic video. The lads danced all over the world, spending time in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, as well as New Zealand Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar.

The three lads, who go by the collective name ‘The Wirld’, began their journey in 2013, with a world ticket, ‘a limited budget and a dodgy all weather camera’.

Watch the amazing video below: