Top 10 best Irish horror movies of all time

Irish horror movies have a unique feel and twist. So, naturally, many have easily become cult hits amongst horror movie fans.

Ireland has long been a nation that has contributed quite a bit to the horror genre. We gave the world Dracula, Dorian Gray, and even the celebration of Halloween itself!

With deep roots in folklore, storytelling, and plenty of spooky tales to go alongside, it is no surprise the modern horror genre can trace its roots back to Ireland.

So, if you’re in the mood to be scared, read on. Today, we’re revealing the top ten best Irish horror movies of all time.

10. Let Us Prey (2014) – a dark comedy featuring a fair share of gore

Let Us Prey is an absolute must-watch.

This film tells the story of a stranger in a small village who gets arrested as everything starts to go very wrong.

Let Us Prey is a tale of morality that combines both dark comedy and gore to surprisingly interesting results.

9. Without Name (2016) – a simple but effectively creepy movie

Without Name is one of the best Irish horror movies.

Without Name follows a land surveyor called Eric, who is tasked with assessing an area of ancient forest on behalf of a shady local developer.

He soon realises that the land already belongs to someone – or rather something – that has no intention of letting it be sold.

8. The Lodgers (2017) – an unnerving gothic ghost story

The Lodgers is a gothic horror story.

The Lodgers is an unnerving gothic ghost story set in the aftermath of the Irish War of Independence. It focuses on two orphaned twins, a boy and a girl, who live alone in a rundown manor.

When one of the twins is overcome with a desire to leave, things begin to go wrong.

7. The Devil’s Doorway (2018) – an atmospheric found-footage horror

The Devil's Doorway is one of the best Irish horror movies.

The Devil’s Doorway is an atmospheric found-footage horror movie that follows two priests who are dispatched to a remote Magdalene Laundry to investigate the occurrence of a reported miracle.

The priests quickly discover that something sinister is at work as the film cleverly plays on the true-life horror of the Magdalene Laundries.

This is certainly one of the best Irish horror movies of all time!

6. Grabbers (2012) – a hilarious and fun horror-comedy

Grabbers is a terrifyingly funny horror-comedy.

Grabbers is quite a unique entry on our list as it is not just a horror movie but also a comedy movie. The movie focuses on a remote Irish community that becomes infested with bloodsucking aliens.

Once the villagers discover that alcohol is toxic to the aliens, they decide to have a lock-in at the local pub. This way, everyone can stay drunk and safe from the aliens!

Can you get more Irish than that?

5. The Canal (2014) – Ireland’s answer to the hit US horror Sinister

The Canal is one of the best Irish horror movies.

After moving into an old house by the canal, a film archivist called David discovers a mysterious reel of footage that suggests a brutal murder once occurred at the house.

From here, the disturbing descent into madness begins. The movie’s plot is similar to its American counterpart, the hit horror film Sinister.

4. Isolation (2005) – one of the first truly great Irish horror movies

You need to watch Isolation.

Isolation is perhaps one of the first examples of a truly great Irish horror movie, as it was released back in 2004 when the Irish horror scene was not as prevalent as it is today.

It’s also a horror movie with a very unique concept, that of genetically altered killer cows!

3. Wake Wood (2009) – an exploration of grief and terror

Wake Wood is one of the best Irish horror movies of all time.

After moving to a rural village, a couple is presented with the opportunity to resurrect their child for three days. To have the chance to say goodbye, the couple must practice a pagan ritual.

The cost of the bargain, however, is that if they proceed, they can never leave the village again.

Wake Wood has a great script and authentically explores the themes of both grief and terror in equal measure.

2. The Hole in The Ground (2019) – a brilliant slow-burn of a horror movie

The Hole in the Ground is a great slow-burn horror.

The Hole in the Ground is a brilliant slow-burn horror movie that ramps up the tension towards the end.

The movie tells the tale of a mother and son who move to the countryside in hopes of finding a better life.

However, their hope of a better life is soon dashed when the son Chris disappears into the strange woods near their new home.

When he returns, his mother, Sarah, soon suspects that her son isn’t her son at all but someone else.       

1. The Hallow (2015) – one of the best Irish horror movies of all time

The Hallow tops our list of best Irish horror movies of all time.

In first place on our list of best Irish horror movies of all time is The Hallow. The movie focuses on a young couple and their infant child who stay in a house located deep in an Irish forest that is said to be hallowed ground for fairies and other supernatural careers.

Things soon start to go bad as the couple learn that these mythical creatures are very much real and not at all happy with them being in their sacred woods.

That concludes our article top ten best Irish horror movies of all time. How many of these scary thrillers have you seen?