Top 10 facts about Robert Sheehan you never knew

With his rise to fame and impressive array of talents, this Irish actor continues to amaze us. Here are the top ten facts about Robert Sheehan you never knew.

You may know him from the Netflix hit Umbrella Academy, but Robert Sheehan was no stranger to film and television before his performance in the popular series.

Having already starred in hugely successful productions such as the RTÉ gangland drama Love Hate and E4’s supernatural series Misfits, his role as Klaus in Umbrella Academy fits him like a glove.

With a lengthy list of movies and TV shows under his belt, rest assured there are many facts to learn about this experienced Irish actor. Ranked in order from well-known to surprising, we present the top ten facts about Robert Sheehan you never knew.

10. He is from Portlaoise in Co. Laois – one of the facts about Robert Sheehan you never knew

Sheehan is from Portlaoise.

Robert Sheehan was born in Portlaoise on 7 January 1988. Laois is a small and densely populated county in the midlands of Ireland.

Robert Sheehan loves the support he receives from his hometown. In 2019, an Umbrella Academy billboard was erected in Portlaoise with the words, ‘Super Sheehan, Super Hero.’ written on it, to which the actor expressed his gratitude on Instagram.

9. He is a published author – readers, take note

One of the facts about Robert Sheehan is that he is a published author.
Credit: Instagram / @rozzymikes

Through watching Robert Sheehan’s portrayal of unique and layered characters, we know that he has a knack for storytelling.

In his collection of short stories, Disappearing Act, Sheehan melts into different characters, delving deep into their true nature as a means of revealing their stories.

The acclaimed Irish author Patrick Mc Cabe has described Sheehan’s work as “a whacked-out kaleidoscopic miasma of delightful abandon and fun!”

Well, that sounds like a book for the ‘to be read’ pile!

8. He prefers Cork to Dublin – the great Irish debate

Sheehan prefers Cork to Dublin.
Credit: Tourism Ireland

Fans of Ireland’s capital, also known as ‘The Big Smoke ’, may want to skip past this fact!

In a 2019 Netflix interview, the actor admitted that County Cork embodies the real ‘Irishness’ that we all know and love. Do you agree?

7. He has worked with Rupert Grint – another favourite actor of ours

One of the facts about Robert Sheehan is that he starred alongside Rupert Grint.

Robert Sheehan starred alongside the Harry Potter actor in a 2009 movie called Cherrybomb.

The movie follows the wild escapades of two teenage friends fighting over a girl. It is well worth the watch to see two of your favourite actors together in one movie.

6. He comes from a musical family – an Irish actor who can play Irish music

Sheehan comes from a musical family.
Credit: Flickr / [puamelia]

In a 2020 interview with The Irish Times, Robert Sheehan talked about his musical family.

During childhood, he and his family would attend the Fleadh Cheoil (a music competition here in Ireland). It was also said that Sheehan’s father loved to sing and quote poetry.

You can be sure that there is no lack of creativity in that family.

5. He starred as Cormac in Foreign Exchange – the classic 2000s series

One of the facts about Robert Sheehan you never knew is that he starred in Foreign Exchange.
Credit: YouTube / Totes Amaze – Teen TV Shows – Full Episodes

O.G Robert Sheehan fans know him as Cormac, the lovable nerd from an Australian-Irish TV series that aired in 2004.

The series centred around an Irish boarding school with a secret portal that allowed for teleportation between Ireland and Australia.

This show is where many of us first saw Robert Sheehan in action, as we fondly remember rushing home from school to catch the latest episodes of Foreign Exchange.

4. He cares about the environment – one of the top ten facts about Robert Sheehan you never knew

Sheehan cares about the environment.
Credit: Instagram / @rozzymikes

Robert Sheehan (finally) joined Instagram in 2018, and since then, he has been advocating for change through sustainability, zero-waste alternatives, and everyday choices that benefit the environment.

We would love to get our hands on an Umbrella Academy keep cup, just like the one Robert Sheehan has.

3. He can do just about any accent – another of the facts about Robert Sheehan you never knew

One of the facts about Robert Sheehan is his ability to do accents.
Credit: Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Unsurprisingly, people assume Robert Sheehan to be British or American, but this only stems from his ability to speak in different accents.

In the TV series, Fortitude, Sheehan wowed everyone with his Norwegian accent. We are keen to see what other accents he might take on in future roles.

2. He took ‘Paul’ as his confirmation name – or so we believe

Sheehan took 'Paul' as his confirmation name... apparently.

Whether this is true or not, it is worth mentioning that there is an Irish language edition of Wikipedia called ‘Vicipéid’ where it is stated that Robert Sheehan took ‘Paul’ as his confirmation name.

You know you’ve made it big when there is a bio written about you in Irish relaying the details of a religious sacrament you participated in at the age of 12. Robert, if you’re reading, can you confirm the authenticity of this claim?

1. He will return to Netflix in 2022 for the third season of Umbrella Academy – the best news we’ve heard all year

His return to screen this year is one of the facts about Robert Sheehan.

Surprising? No. Exciting? Yes!

While it comes as no surprise that Umbrella Academy has been renewed for a third season, we can’t help but feel relieved that the wait is almost over.

Having waited so long for updates, Netflix has finally confirmed that season three will be with us in 2022. Get ready for another adventure with Ireland’s best-loved actor, Robert Sheehan!