Top 10 fun Irish advent calendars you NEED this Christmas

Get in the mood for the holiday season with these ten fun Irish advent calendars.

As the holiday season is fast approaching, one of the best traditions leading up to Christmas has to be advent calendars. So indulge yourself this holiday with a fun Irish advent calendar.

With plenty of advent calendars on the market this Christmas, why not continue the theme from last year and support local once again?

There are advent calendars for all interests and tastes, including chocolate, alcohol, and more.

So start celebrating at the start of December by treating yourself or a loved one to a fabulous Irish advent calendar. Here are ten fun Irish advent calendars you need this Christmas.

10. Lily O’Brien’s Keepsake Advent House – chocolatey goodness

We love Lily O'Brien's Keepsake Advent House.
Credit: Facebook / @LilyOBriens

This gorgeous, free-standing advent calendar contains 28 delicious chocolates. Enjoy the famous flavours like sticky toffee, honeycomb crispy heart, and, of course, lecrunch chocolat.

The advent house is the perfect keepsake that can be refilled year after year with your own mouthwatering creations.

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9. The Beer Club’s Craft Beer Advent Calendar – perfect for the craft beer lover

The Beer Club released one of the most fun Irish advent calendars.
Credit: Facebook /

The highly anticipated craft beer advent calendar is back with 24 of the best craft beers from across Ireland and the world.

Their team of experts has specially selected each beer to bring you one of the most delicious, fun Irish advent calendars that celebrates craft beer.

In addition, each advent calendar comes with a glass so that you can enjoy your craft beers in style.

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8. DIY Advent Calendar as Gaeilge – perfect for the Gaeilgeoir

Check out the DIY Advent Calendar as Gaelige.
Credit: Facebook / @celeryrosedesign

This DIY advent calendar is the perfect way to teach children a small bit of Irish. Learn a Christmas related word as Gaeilge each day you open an envelope.

Each kit comes with 24 illustrated envelopes that you can then fill with your own treats.

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7. West Cork Literary Festival Advent Calendar – one to look forward to

West Cork Literary Advent Calendar is one of the most unique and fun Irish advent calendars.

Celebrate the rich Irish literary history this Christmas with readings from books by 24 Irish authors. This advent calendar celebrates the authors and their works through online videos.

The first of which is due to be released on 1 December and will continue right up until Christmas Eve.

More info: HERE

6. PLAYin Choc Vegan Advent Calendar – for the vegan in your life

PLAYin Choc Vegan Advent Calendar is perfect for vegans.
Credit: Facebook / @playinchoc

This charming and plastic-free fun advent calendar is the perfect way to begin a sustainable Christmas.

Each of the 24 drawers contains delicious organic m*lk chocolate, a 3D cardboard toy to assemble, and an educational fun facts card.

The chocolate is GM-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, and free of refined sugar.

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5. GranGran Foods 24 Days Before Christmas Advent Calendar — for tasty preserves

Gran Gran Foods sells one of the fun Irish advent calendars.
Credit: Instagram / @grangransfoods

These limited edition fun Irish advent calendars would be the perfect gift for a special someone. Each box contains a mini (100 g) jar of your favourite preserves.

You can expect classics like strawberry jam and cranberry sauce, as well as some interesting and exciting preserves like Christmas pudding marmalade and honey & Irish cider mustard.

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4. Joe and Seph’s Popcorn Advent Calendar – something salty and sweet

Joe and Seph's is perfect for popcorn fans.
Credit: Facebook / @joeandseph

This whimsical advent calendar opens up like a giant storybook and depicts a snowy scene. The 24 cubbyholes are filled to the brim with mouthwatering popcorn flavours.

Enjoy 19 unique flavours of award-winning, gourmet popcorn, including pumpkin spice popcorn, banoffee popcorn, and brandy butter popcorn.

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3. Love Ink Paper Scisscors’ DIY Advent Calendar – get creative

Love Ink Paper Scissors released one of the fun Irish advent calendars.
Credit: Facebook / @LoveInkPaperScissors

Make your own sustainable and fully recyclable advent calendar with colourful stickers and polka dot bags. The kit is entirely plastic-free, and all the elements have been sourced locally in Ireland.

Fill these bags with goodies, toys, quotes, or anything at all, and you will have one of the most fun Irish advent calendars!

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2. BeerCloud’s Advent Box – celebrating Irish breweries

You need to get BeerCloud's Advent Box.
Credit: Instagram / @realalandalton

Enjoy 24 cans of the finest Irish craft from breweries right across the island of Ireland. There is a wide range of beers that celebrate every aspect of the Irish brewery industry.

This is a great way to find out about some of the best craft beers in Ireland!

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1. Wilde Irish Chocolate’s 24 Days Till Christmas Advent Calendar – a fun yet delicious advent calendar

Wilde Irish Chocolate's released one of the most fun Irish advent calendars this year.

This artisan chocolate factory has produced a beautiful and tasty advent calendar.

Enjoy a selection of handmade milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate pralines, caramels, and truffles nestled behind 24 advent doors.

Each chocolate has been expertly crafted and makes for a luxurious advent calendar.

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