Top 10 smells that remind you of Ireland

Whether you grew up on the beautiful shores of the Emerald Isle or you just visited for a short vacation, these are ten smells that are sure to remind you of Ireland.

Picture this: a range of beautiful, scented candles made to immortalize the top ten best smells that remind you of Ireland.

Sadly, no such candles exist. However, we would like to formally invite you and your nose on a journey through childhood or your favourite trip abroad.

Even if you’ve never been to Ireland, now’s the time to give your nostrils a vacation with the top ten best smells that remind you of Ireland.

10. Sunflower Oil – a smell for anyone who grew up in Ireland

We all grew up around the smell of sunflower oil.

Introducing a quirky candle to encapsulate Ireland’s beloved snack, the Tayto crisp!

Imagine this: the year is 1999. It’s a Sunday afternoon, and you’re in the pub with Mam and Dad. They’ve just handed you a bottle of Coke and a packet of Taytos. Life is good.

With the ‘Sunflower Oil’ candle, you can relive that childhood memory, but don’t delay! This candle sells out fast. (*NB. Not edible!)

9. Blooming Heather – one of the top ten smells that remind you of Ireland

Blooming heather is one of the smells that remind you of Ireland.
Credit: Pixabay / Nietjuh

If you don’t like your candles too strong, consider this light fragrance.

‘Blooming Heather’ has a woody and mossy smell, formed to capture the essence of the purple plant.

You may have spotted heather while hiking in Ireland. A hint of ‘Blooming Heather’ will help you to recall that fresh air on your face at the mountain’s peak.

8. Brown Bread – make your house smell like a bakery

Make your house smell like a bakery with our Brown Bread candle.

The smell of freshly baked brown bread is hard to beat. With this candle, visitors to your home will think you always have something cooking.

The average loaf of bread pales in comparison to what’s made by hand in Ireland. Now, you can entertain your nostrils with our lovely ‘Brown Bread’ candle, one of the top ten smells that remind you of Ireland.

7. Irish Cider – one of our favourite scents

Irish cider is one of the smells that remind you of Ireland.
Credit: Flickr / IrishFireside

This candle flies off the shelves during the autumn and winter seasons. ‘Irish Cider’ smells like syrup or a juicy apple.

Whether you want to re-experience that night in the pub with your friends or the time you went apple-picking with your partner, ‘Irish Cider’ is a good choice for you.

6. Fresh Sea Air – live the life of a local fisherman

The smell of fresh sea air takes our right back to holidays at the seaside.
Credit: Fáilte Ireland

No matter where you are in Ireland, the beach is never far away. Treat your lungs to a breath at sea with this classic candle.

One whiff of this salty scent and you will hear the wind in your hair and the seagulls overhead.

5. Merino Wool – limited edition only

Merino wool is one of the smells that remind you of Ireland.
Credit: Flickr / Lisa Dusseault

Every tourist visiting Ireland returns home with their fair share of Aran knitwear.

However, if there’s just no more room left in your suitcase for an Aran sweater or scarf, pick up our ‘Merino Wool’ candle.

Its clean and cosy aroma will be enough to keep you warm on cold winter nights.

4. Yellow Furze – the buttery smell of Ireland’s countryside

Make sure to pick up our 'Yellow Furze' candle.
Credit: Flickr / draconianimages

On every country road in Ireland, you will be met with the coconut-like scent of yellow furze (also known as gorse).

Now, regardless of where you live in the world, the smell of this Irish flower can live forever in your home. Order while stocks last!

3. Turf Fire – eliminate the cold this winter

A turf fire is one of the smells that remind you of Ireland.

One of our winter bestsellers, ‘Turf Fire’, is back due to popular demand. This candle exudes smoke and heat, balanced with oaky undertones.

Add warmth to your heart with the staple of every Irish winter, minus the hassle of a real turf fire.

2. Granny’s House – capture your childhood with just one candle

Nothing beats the smell of granny's house.

It’s sweet, floral, and fresh. It’s dust without the allergies. ‘Granny’s House’, our newest addition to the Irish Candle Collection, will transport you back in time.

Breathe in granny’s roses that were freshly picked from the garden, the vegetable soup warming up on the stove, and the earthy five-pound note in the palm of your hand.

Choose this candle to make your house a home.

1. Early Morning Dew – our number one pick from the top ten smells that remind you of Ireland

Early Morning Dew tops our list of smells that remind you of Ireland.
Credit: Flickr / Matt MacGillivray

Of all the candles we have on offer, ‘Early Morning Dew’ best represents the scent of the Emerald Isle.

No matter where you are in Ireland, you will find rain, and you will find grass. Choose this fragrance and enjoy the crisp smell of a garden after rainfall.

To date, ‘Early Morning Dew’ provides us with the best alternative to international travel. And, with the entire Irish Candle Collection, Ireland is but a match and a flame away.