Top 10 things Irish people love about Christmas, ranked

It may be hard to narrow down the best things about Christmas for Irish people, but sure we’ll give it a go.

For some people, Christmas is the best time of the year, and for Irish people, this definitely is true.

Nothing compares to the Christmas spirit felt on the Irish streets when the first Christmas lights go up or in shops when you hear the first festive song of the season.

So, when it comes to the things that we love about Christmas, there are many. From getting competitive over a game of Monopoly with siblings to indulging in Christmas dinner!

This time of year means so much to us that as soon as Halloween ends, we are ready to get the Christmas tree up, head off Christmas shopping, and decide on our special Christmas outfit.

As a nation, it is safe to say that we are nuts about the festive season. So, let us narrow down the top ten things Irish people love about Christmas.

10. Putting up decorations – bickering followed by joy

We love putting up decorations.
Credit: Flickr / Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Irish people just yearn for the day that it is acceptable to put up the Christmas tree.

Some won’t even give it a second thought and will put it up as soon as Halloween is over, while others eagerly await the beginning of December.

Whenever the event happens, it is a time that people come together, families bicker over the layout of the tree, and someone ends up with the job of untangling all the Christmas lights. But we love it!

9. Christmas shopping – a festive day out

Christmas shopping is one of the things Irish people love about Christmas.
Credit: Pixabay / StockSnap

Many of us have been saving all year to get our loved ones the gifts they deserve.

So, when December rolls around, we find it so exciting to go out on a shopping spree looking for all the bits and pieces for under the tree and in the stockings.

Then there is always the ‘treat’ that we all buy ourselves while shopping for others. So, Christmas shopping is undoubtedly one of the things Irish people love about Christmas.

8. Christmas morning swim – the best way to start the day

We love a Christmas morning swim.

In Ireland, it is an age-old Christmas tradition to go swimming in the sea on Christmas morning, especially if you live near the coast.

It might be freezing, but we embrace it, and it sets us up for the great day ahead.

7. Time off work – bring it on

Time off work is one of the things Irish people love about Christmas.

Many of us will have a few days off at Christmas, while others will have longer.

Whatever our situation, we always love the extra days off we get around this time of year.

6. Meeting up with friends – reunions galore

We love meeting up with friends.

Christmas is a time of the year that means we get to reunite with family members and friends we haven’t seen all year.

As the Irish are known to have the gift of the gab, you can only imagine how much we look forward to catching up on the gossip. This is truly one of the best things that Irish people love about Christmas.

5. Christmas movies – bringing Christmas vibes home

Christmas movies are one of the things Irish people love about Christmas.
Credit: Flickr / Kevin Dooley

Nothing screams Christmas vibes like a cheesy Christmas flick teamed with some fluffy pyjamas, a hot drink, and a roaring fire.

Every Irish person will do this at least once during the festive season.

4. Christmas markets – the real festive event

Who doesn't love a Christmas market?
Credit: Tourism Northern Ireland

Shopping for handcrafted gifts while sipping on mulled wine as the traditional Christmas songs play in the background is one of our favourite Christmas activities.

Some of our favourite markets to visit are Belfast Christmas Market, Galway Christmas Market, and Glow Cork.

3. Christmas parties – any excuse for drinks

Christmas parties are one of the things Irish people love about Christmas.

Sure, any reason for a session is a good reason, right?

Generally, there are many types of Christmas parties at this time of year, such as the work party, the 12 pubs of Christmas pub crawl, the friends Christmas nights out, and the family gatherings.

Honestly, you will find us at just about all of them.

2. Getting presents – feeling like a child again

We love getting presents.

Well, who doesn’t like getting presents and feeling special? Yes, getting presents is one of the best things Irish people love about Christmas.

It’s that time of the year when you get spoilt, meaning you get the thing or things, if you’re lucky, that you’ve wanted all year. Everyone feels like a kid on Christmas morning in Ireland.

1. Christmas dinner – with all the trimmings

Christmas dinner is one of the things Irish people love about Christmas.
Credit: Pixabay / wirdefalks

Christmas Day is the day all diets go out the window, and all hope of fitting into your New Year’s outfit is forgotten because all that matters is the best meal of the year: the Christmas dinner.

This delicious meal tops our list of things Irish people love about Christmas.