Top 10 unisex Irish names for your baby girl or boy

For those who want to decide on a baby name but do not yet know the gender, these are ten unisex Irish names to consider.

Naming a baby is a big deal. For many, it is something that it decided well in advance before they even begin trying to conceive. For others, it is a eureka moment that happens only when they first hold their child in their arms.

Whatever way it occurs, naming a baby is a major life milestone moment. If you’re considering an Irish baby name and would prefer to go down the gender-neutral route, read on! These are ten unisex Irish names.

10. Enda – the little baby bird

Enda means 'bird'.

The name Enda is ideal for those who want to opt for a unisex Irish name. Pronounced en-da, the name means ‘bird’ in the Irish language.

Whereas once this name would have been considered somewhat old-school, more traditional names are making a comeback, and we’re certain that we’ll be seeing a few more Endas around in the years to come.

9. Daire – the fruitful and fertile one

Daire is one of the most adorable unisex Irish names.
Credit: Pixabay / Greyerbaby

The name Daire, pronounced dar-a (also spelt Dara and Darragh), means the fruitful and fertile one in Irish.

It is one of the top 100 boy names in Ireland today, although, with a gender-neutral meaning and sound, it is just as fitting for any gender.

8. Rowan – as native as the trees of Ireland

Rowan derives from the name of a native Irish tree.
Credit: Pixabay / MabelAmber

Rowan is an old Irish name that means ‘little redhead’. This name comes from the native rowan tree of Ireland and is a subtle nod to Celtic roots.

The pronunciation of this unisex Irish name is roe-an. Perfect for any gender, we think this name is soon to become very popular!

7. Dillon – enigmatic, like a flash of lightning

Dillon is one of the cutest unisex Irish names.
Credit: Pixabay / tookapic

For those who take one look at their offspring and see the glimmer of excitement and electricity in their eyes, this may just be the name best suited.

The name Dillon comes from the Irish word ‘dealan’, which, when translated, means flash of lightning.

6. Fianna – the one with Celtic roots

Fianna is a name with Celtic roots.

If you’re seeking one of the unisex Irish names that have Celtic roots, we suggest you consider the name Fianna.

Pronounced fee-ana, the Irish name means ancient warrior army of Ireland and is as gender-neutral as they come. Still quite a hidden gem from a name perspective, we suggest you jump on this boat before the name becomes common.

5. Regan – the king’s child

Regan is one of our favourite unisex Irish names.
Credit: Pixabay / elroseauthor

Regan is another gender-neutral name that works across the board. The name, pronounced ree-gan, comes from the Irish word ‘rí’, meaning king.

The interpretation of the meaning of this name, therefore, is ‘king’s child’. Not a bad interpretation at all, we have to say!

4. Casey – a name known world-over

Casey is a popular name the world over.
Credit: Pixabay / contactkim

Casey is a name that has roots in Irish heritage but is also known world-over and is particularly popular in the United States.

Perfect for a baby, regardless of gender, Casey means ‘vigilant in war’.

3. Shea – an admirable name

Shea is one of the best unisex Irish names.
Credit: Pixabay / bentolosa

The name Shea is as classic as they come on our list of unisex Irish names. Perfect for babies all-round, this short and sweet name means ‘admirable’.

There are multiple spelling variations of Shea; these include Shai and Shay.

2. Rylie – for the courageous ones

Rylie means 'courageous'.
Credit: Pixabay / regina_zulauf

The name Rylie is another one that suits children and adults, regardless of gender.

Often seen spelt as Riley (a common name in the U.S., like the aforementioned), Rylie is interpreted in the Irish language to mean ‘courageous’ – not a bad title to assign to your little one from birth!

1. Caoilainn – one of the best unisex Irish names

Caoilainn tops our list of unisex Irish names.
Credit: Pixabay / jarmoluk

Perhaps one of the best on our list of unisex Irish names has got to be Caoilainn. This name – while appearing as a tongue-twister – is, in fact, easy to pronounce. When speaking, Caoilainn simply sounds like kay-lin.

The name is derived from the combination of ‘caol’ (which means slender) and fionn (which means ‘pure’ in the Irish language).