Top 5 best Irish biscuits that are perfect with a cup of tea

The Irish love a good cup of tea. However, a cuppa wouldn’t be complete without a good old-fashioned biscuit. So, here are the top five best Irish biscuits that are perfect with a cup of tea.

Irish people are renowned for enjoying a cuppa at the best of times and at the worst of times and it is considered to be the cure to almost anything, from a hangover to a break up.

A good cup of tea also brings people together in good times, but a cuppa would not be the same without the perfect Irish biscuit to accompany it. A match made in heaven, some may say!

The best Irish biscuits are second to none, and they’re one of the main things people miss when away from home, alongside a proper Irish tea bag, of course. So, let’s take a look at the top five best Irish biscuits that are perfect with a cup of tea.

5. Mikado – the biscuit of our childhoods

Mikados are one of the best Irish biscuits for dipping in your tea.
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This quintessential Irish biscuit has the perfect ratio of biscuit to pink mallow and jam on top. It was always the staple biscuit you would find at children’s birthday parties or at your granny’s house at lunchtime.

It seemed that almost everyone of all ages enjoyed this sweet treat. There were many ways to enjoy this one, just like the legendary Cadbury’s Creme Egg. So, how do you eat yours?

4. Fig Roll – how do they get the fig in the fig roll?

Fig Rolls are an unusual choice.
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We all remember the classic phrase associated with this tasty treat: “How do they get the fig into the fig rolls?”

This biscuit is pretty unique because no other biscuits resemble it nor taste like it, considering it almost looks like a sweet mini sausage roll.

The fig centre makes it stand out from the crowd. But did you know that they actually introduced the biscuit with a chocolate filling? Needless to say, this version didn’t last very long. We guess we Irish are just mad about that fig!

3. Jacob’s Chocolate Kimberley – the posh biscuit for all occasions

Chocolate Kimberleys are certainly one of the best Irish biscuits.
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Well, who didn’t love to dunk this popular Irish biscuit into their tea?

It is the perfect combination of soft white mallow sandwiched between two chocolate covered biscuits, making it go deliciously gooey when dipped in a hot tea.

Many like to twist the mallow centre, and some like to pull it apart, but either way, this is certainly one of the best Irish biscuits to enjoy with a cuppa any time of year.

This was probably the one that was taken out on special occasions, perhaps when visitors came over, or you were trying to cheer someone up. This is not just your standard birthday biscuit.

2. The humble Tea Cake – the festive biscuit

Tea cakes are a Christmas staple.
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As you can imagine from the name, this Irish biscuit was made to be paired with tea and has been enjoyed in Irish households for decades now.

Although it is known as a cake, we could not have a list of the best Irish biscuits without including this one. Tea cakes are particularly popular during the festive season, and you’ll see them on shelves absolutely everywhere. However, that’s not to say we don’t enjoy these bad boys all year round!

Featuring the classic mallow filling and coated in a layer of chocolate, all whilst sitting on a biscuit base, this delicacy is the perfect indulgence for any occasion if you ask us.

1. Pink Wafer Biscuits – undeniably tasty

Pink Panther Wafers are one of the best Irish biscuits.
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This classic biscuit features a light wafer outside with a deliciously creamy centre filling. It is a treat that has been around since many of us can remember.

There have been vanilla and chocolate versions of this traditional biscuit, which are still being enjoyed in Ireland and worldwide. However, nothing beats the original pink wafer.

The problem with these is that they are so light that you can easily finish a whole packet without even noticing. But who can really blame you?

For a nation of tea drinkers, it would be absolutely ludicrous if we didn’t have our very own Irish biscuits to enjoy with our favourite drink.

Although these best Irish biscuits can all be bought and enjoyed separately, you can also buy a mixed pack. Irish supermarkets stock iconic biscuit tins containing a mix of all the family favourites. This is a popular choice for many households.

Just make sure to get there quick before someone eats all the best ones first. If you grew up in an Irish family, you’ll know the pain of opening the biscuit tin to find the ones that no one wanted.

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