Top 5 best winemakers in Ireland you should know about

Yes, Irish wine is a thing. So, let us tell you all the ins and outs of wine production in Ireland.

When you think of wine production, Ireland is not a country that would generally spring to mind. However, Ireland is listed as a wine-producing country by the European Commission.

Although Ireland does not have huge competition for wineries within the country, there are still a few in particular that you should try out.

Wine production takes place in various parts of the country, including North Dublin, Cork, Tipperary, and Waterford.

So, next time you find yourself looking for a unique thing to discover, try some local wine from one of the best winemakers in Ireland.

5. Viking Irish Drinks, Co. Waterford – wine from Ireland’s Ancient East

One of the best winemakers in Ireland is Viking Irish.
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This Waterford based winery, which produces both red and white varieties, also makes three delicious craft cider styles, including Ireland’s first hops flavoured cider.

In relation to their delicious wine production, their organic and sustainable Irish wines can be bought online and in various off-licenses, supermarkets, bars, and restaurants throughout the country.

This is certainly one of the best winemakers in Ireland you should know about!

Address: Ballinaboola, Waterford, Ireland, X91 R1W6

4. Thomas Walk Vineyard, Co. Cork – the unique Irish winery

Thomas Walk Vineyard is a unique addition to our list.
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This small vineyard located near Kinsale in the south of Ireland is one of the longest standing vineyards in the world and is owned by wine enthusiast Thomas Walk, who hails from Germany.

This is a privately owned vineyard, so it is not open to the public. Still, it is definitely worth looking out for one of these wines.

Thomas Walk was the first person to successfully grow red grapes in Ireland, making him one of the best winemakers in Ireland.  

If you are looking for some fantastic, award-winning, and sustainable wine, then look no further than Thomas Walk wines, which can be found on his website.

3. Llewellyns Orchard, Co. Dublin – find mouthwatering Lusca wines in Lusk

Llewellyns Orchard is one of the best winemakers in Ireland.
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As well as producing wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Rondo, this private vineyard and orchard in Lusk, north County Dublin, also produces the Irish wine Lusca.

As the name suggests, they also harvest apples that they have used to produce Apple Cider Vinegar, Irish Cider, and Apple Juice.

And don’t forget to try their yummy sparkling wine, a great choice for New Year’s 2021 from one of the best winemakers in Ireland.

Address: Quickpenny Road, Causestown, Co. Dublin, Ireland

2. Bunratty Mead and Liqueur Co. Ltd, Co. Cork – ‘mead’ with love in County Cork

Bunrarrty Mead and Liqueur Co. Ltd is a must-visit.
Credit: Facebook / @bunrattymeade

Described as an exceptional, legendary, and mystical drink, Bunratty Mead is a traditional Irish wine that is one of the oldest wines in human history.

It is made with fresh grapes from the vine, mixed with pure honey, and natural herbs to give it a very aromatic flavour.

As the legend goes, newly married couples were often given enough mead to last them an entire full moon, which is where the term honeymoon came from. It is also said to enhance fertility and virility.

Give this traditional Irish wine from one of the best winemakers in Ireland a try next time you are at Bunratty Castle.

Address: Low road, Bunratty East, Bunratty, Co. Clare, Ireland

1. Wicklow Way Wines, Co. Wicklow – a wine of a different kind

Wicklow Way Wines tops our list of best winemakers in Ireland.
Credit: Facebook / @WicklowWayWines

Want to taste a wine unlike any other you’ve had before? Then try some of the berry wines organically produced at Wicklow Way Wines.

Here, they produce delicious wines flavoured strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry. These may be different to your usual grape wine, but we absolutely love this idea.

Plus, the fact that they have won many awards means they are certainly one of the best winemakers in Ireland.

Address: Unit 8, Newtown Business and Enterprise Centre, Co. Wicklow, A63 DT61, Ireland

Ireland may not be on the same scale as some other wine-producing countries, such as France or Italy. However, truth be told, Ireland has some great wines for you to discover.

From grape wines to berry wines to the traditional mead wine first known to man, there is a variety of Irish wines just waiting for you to try.

Many of these vineyards have proved that Ireland is capable of growing some fantastic wines. White is particularly prominent but also a few red ones thanks to Thomas Walk.

So who knows what the future holds for wineries in Ireland? We are certainly excited to see more Irish wines come to the table, so watch this space!