Top 5 casinos to visit in Ireland

Ireland is the land of luck, so it comes as no surprise that betting opportunities thrive in abundance; these are the top five casinos to visit in Ireland.

Ireland is a jovial nation, humble and characterful, filled with friendly faces and opportunities to have fun. With all this being said, it is no mere shock that casinos are a favourite feat. 

Peppering the side streets, hidden in plain sight, these entertainment venues thrive nightly. Whether you’re feeling lucky or are looking for a different type of a night on the town, a casino can be a great shout. 

From north to south, east to west, these are the five casinos to visit in Ireland.

5. Playland Casino – the electronic casino

Located in Dublin city – the thriving centre of the country’s capital – is Playland Casino.

Award-winning across the board, this entertainment venue has firmly established itself as a favourite amongst Dublin dwellers and city citizens. 

Proudly known as Dublin’s first electronic casino, state of the art gaming is bound to blow your mind at Playland Casino.

The casino operates as a private members club. This is a simple sign-up process on your first visit. Applicants must be over 18 and bring proof of ID. 

Playland offers more of an entertainment venue vibe than that of a mere casino, so you expect the full package. The site is complete with a cafe and live sports area for your enjoyment. 

Address9 Talbot St, North City, Dublin 1, D01 RD25, Ireland

4. Macau Casino Complex – the ultimate Cork casino

Macau Casino Complex is the ultimate Cork casino. Positioning itself as the go-to gaming complex on the West of Ireland, Macau is a name known by all in the industry.

With a comprehensive approach, Macau is more of an entertainment club opposed to a mere casino.

An on-site restaurant and bar catering for large groups, as well as more intimate meals, means the crowd is eclectic and varied.

Macau is also known as a top spot for corporate parties and larger groups, so if you’re planning your next team-building exercise, this is one of the top casinos to visit in Ireland.

Address16 St Patrick’s St, Centre, Cork, Ireland

3. Star Casino – the centre that caters for all the family

Situated on the Bray seafront in County Wicklow is the Star complex. 

Offering entertainment for all ages, this venue has a little something for everyone. This means that if the entire family is in tow, all ages and interests will be catered for.

The Star complex comprises of two main parts: the casino and the leisure centre. The former is an adults-only state-of-the-art gaming centre. The latter a hive of activity for the little ones to enjoy. It’s the ultimate win-win.

AddressSeafront Park, Newcourt, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

2. The Sporting Emporium – the luxury casino

In terms of the top five casinos to visit in Ireland, no list would be complete without The Sporting Emporium.

Membership is required at The Sporting Emporium and costs €25. However, you receive €30 back in gameplay. Registration can be completed online in advance or on the door on arrival. 

Inside guests can avail of private tables, live gaming and poker leagues. With a fresh and flashy finish, this has to be Dublin’s trendiest and most luxurious casino. 

To top it off, The Sporting Emporium boasts the largest gaming floors and most advanced gaming technology in the country!

Address5 Anne’s Ln, Anne St S, Dublin 2, D02 AK30, Ireland

1. Fitzpatrick’s Aungier Street – the cream of the casino crop

Fitzpatrick’s is a casino chain that has been dominating the games industry in Ireland for over 30 years. 

It now operates six Fitzpatrick’s locations across the country. The best, however, has got to be on Aungier Street in Dublin city. 

While it may not be as glitzy or glamorous as the above, Fitzpatrick’s Aungier Street comes out on top each time for its fantastic customer service, atmosphere and user experience. 

Membership is required here, and those must be over 21. Remember to bring proof of identity on your first visit and allow time for sign-up, if you haven’t done so beforehand online. 

Smashing the Irish Casino Awards each year, you can be sure to find luck on your side at this entertainment venue. Needless to say, it is one of the top casinos to visit in Ireland.

Address78 Aungier St, Saint Peter’s, Dublin, D02 TA49, Ireland

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