Top 5 cheesiest Irish movies, ranked

You’ve laughed at the romance, the accents, and the leprechauns. Now, let’s take a look at the top five cheesiest Irish movies, ranked.

It would be easy for Ireland to turn a blind eye or feel offended by Hollywood’s depiction of our culture.

However, nothing says ‘guilty pleasure’ like getting a few friends together and turning on one of these charming movies.

Which of the top 5 cheesiest Irish movies will you choose?

5. Far and Away – run far away from that accent

Far and Away is one of the cheesiest Irish movies.

Far and Away could have been a masterpiece. The concept of hard-working Irish immigrants seeking their fortune in 1890s America is common in several Irish plays, poems, and songs.

However, this movie misses the mark. No offence to Tom Cruise because we love an actor who can perform their own stunts, but that accent was like nails on a chalkboard.

We wonder what a tourist’s first impression of the real Irish accent would be like.

Didn’t you know that all Irish people must scream POTATO in an angry, high-pitched voice every five minutes, or they’ll die?

4. PS. I Love You – get cheesy this year

P.S. I Love You is so cheesy it hurts.

This smash-hit romantic comedy earns its place on our list of the top five cheesiest Irish movies of all time.

It follows a young widow named Holly who embarks on an Irish adventure planned for her by her late husband, Gerry.

PS. I Love You ticks all the boxes of a cheesy Irish movie. A good pint of the black stuff, also known as Guinness? Check. The song ‘Galway Girl’ (not the Ed Sheeran one)? Check.

Another… fantastic Irish accent? Check. You know it’s a ‘good accent’ if it hurts your throat to talk that way.

3. Leap Year – the third cheesiest Irish movie on our list

Leap Year is one of the cheesiest Irish movies.

Amy Adams, we love you, but Leap Year must be one of the cheesiest Irish movies we’ve ever seen.

In this movie, Amy Adams’ character decides to travel to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day because an Irish tradition suggests that women can propose on this day, and men will have no choice but to say yes.

Despite its cheesiness, this movie can teach you a lot about Ireland. For example, now we know that black cats bring bad luck, and only married couples can stay in a B&B together.

What’s more, we were delighted to learn that travelling from Dingle to Dublin takes just five minutes!

2. The Luck of the Irish – a Disney Channel work of art

The Luck of the Irish makes us cringe.

Being a teen is tough. Being a leprechaun is even tougher!

While investigating his heritage for a school project, Kyle Johnson discovers that his mother is a leprechaun from Ireland.

Kyle has always depended on a golden charm to bring him luck, but things start to go wrong when his charm is stolen by the evil leprechaun, Séamus Mc Tiernan.

Kyle’s hair starts to turn red while his ears become more pointed, accurately portraying what puberty is like for Irish adolescents.

We dare you to sit through an hour and 26 minutes of Irish stereotypes and interesting accents to see whether Kyle retrieves his good luck charm and defeats the villain at the end.

1. Wild Mountain Thyme – welcome to Ireland

Wild Mountain Thyme is one of the cheesiest Irish movies.

Wild Mountain Thyme wins out as the cheesiest Irish movie of all time. It’s everyone’s favourite ‘will they, won’t though’ romance with a family dispute over land thrown into the mix.

The movie opens with the Scottish song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ playing over stunning Irish landscapes and clear blue skies because, as we all know, it never rains in Ireland.

The film later presents a memorable script full of natural dialogue like “it was he who kissed me” and “ah don’t go out, sure it’s black as tar” (to describe how dark the night was).

Jamie Dornan’s character gives us handy reminders with the likes of “Tell me, standing on this holy land of Ireland, why shouldn’t you marry me?”, just in case we forget which country the movie is set in.

The make-up artist for this movie made sure to smear dirt on Emily Blunt’s face in between takes so that we, as viewers, would know how dedicated to farming her character was.

We give it a five out of five for cheesiness, making it the top pick on our list of cheesiest Irish movies!