Top 5 Irish hangover cures for International Hangover Day

To kick that hangover to the curb, you need to try our top five Irish hangover cures for International Hangover Day.

Hangovers are something we all dread, and it seems like we completely ignore the inevitable whilst enjoying yet another cold one the night leading up to it. 

Since alcohol consumption began all those years ago, we can only imagine how many hangovers there have been worldwide. We are also curious about how each nation has come up with its very own way to deal with it – the cure we Irish like to call it.

Now, not only is there an International Hangover Day, but this day that is ‘celebrated’ on the first Saturday of August each year is perfectly positioned the day after International Beer Day, which is celebrated on 6 August this year. You cannot make this stuff up!

With that being said, we are masters of the cure, and rightly so, considering we are a nation of drinkers. So let’s get you prepared for 7 August with our top five Irish hangover cures for International Hangover Day.

5. A refreshing sea swim – the perfect way to wake up

A swim in the sea is one of the best Irish hangover cures.
Credit: Pixabay / giselaatje

Now, aren’t we lucky that International Hangover Day falls in the summertime? At least then, when we brave the Atlantic or the Irish Sea, we can almost withstand the coldness.

Sea swimming is all the rage these days for its health and circulation benefits, for socializing, and now, of course, for the cure.

If you’ve been in the Atlantic or the Irish Sea, you’ll know that it takes a couple of deep breaths and a bit of focus to take the plunge, literally. So believe us when we say you will probably not be too focused on your hangover when your body is submerged in cold water.

But let’s face it, not only will you be on your way to curing your hangover, but your body will get a kick start from the temperature change, so this is definitely one of the best Irish hangover cures.

4. Hair of the Dog – cheers to the cure

Try the 'hair of the dog' remedy.
Credit: Pixabay / MabelAmber

Looking for a quick fix? Then why not grab another beer? This is something we call the ‘hair of the dog’.

This is certainly one way to cure your hangover, but it may not be for everyone. Plus, you must bear in mind that when the hangover eventually returns, it will most likely be double what it was before.

In this case, revert back to our top five Irish hangover cures list. It’s a vicious circle with this one!

3. An Irish cuppa – tea to the rescue

Tea is one of the top Irish hangover cures.
Credit: Pixabay / pompi

Irish people are renowned for drinking tea on almost every occasion, event, or situation, no matter how dire the topic.

Tea solves everything according to the locals, including hangovers.

However, if you’re not a fan of tea, maybe skip this one and grab a Lucozade; it’s almost as good.

2. A Chinese takeaway – any excuse

Any excuse for a Chinese takeaway.
Credit: Facebook / @DragonHeen1996

Whether it’s a three in one you fancy, chicken balls, chips, and curry sauce, or even a famous Irish spice bag, then this is the option for you.

Only in Ireland will you find these specialities at your local Chinese takeaway, and they’re extremely popular on the weekends, with many recovering after a few too many the night before.

So, of course, this cure would come up on our top five Irish hangover cures list. It’s a national favourite, after all.

1. The Ultimate Fry Up –  the king of cures

A fry up tops our list of Irish hangover cures.
Credit: Flickr / Jan Glas

Voila! Number one on our list is, of course, the Irish Fry up.

This comes in many forms, such as the breakfast roll, the breakfast bap, and the traditional slap-up fry with all the greasy trimmings.

Even if you are vegan or vegetarian, you can find many of your favourite brands and ingredients made vegan. So, you don’t need to miss out one bit.

For anyone who might not be familiar with the Irish Fry, you are well and truly missing out. However, we will give you the benefit of the doubt.

The traditional Irish breakfast consists of rashers, sausages, fried eggs, soda bread, and black or white pudding as basics. Optional extras include fried tomato, mushrooms, and beans. So, you can imagine just how this delicacy can work miracles on a hangover.

Enjoy this breakfast in bed, and you’re on to a winner!

So, there you have it, our top five Irish hangover cures for International Hangover Day, this 7 August. Let the cures be had!