Top 5 Irish TV shows 90s kids loved

A huge part of 90s kid culture was running home from school to watch our favourite TV shows. Read on to remember some of our favourites.

Ah, 90s Ireland, a simpler time.

Before every house was decked out with WI-FI, Broadband, or even the horrible sound of the Internet Dial-Up Connection, we had but one companion: the television.

When we weren’t hanging out with our friends, we were curled up watching our favourite TV shows, and we were spoiled for choice. Read on to learn what Irish TV shows 90s kids loved.

5. Glenroe – for the theme tune alone

Glenroe is one of the Irish TV shows 90s kids loved.

A lot of 90s kids couldn’t even tell you what this show was about, but there was one thing for sure: we loved the theme tune.

It was an incredibly catchy tune, and 90s kids still light up when they hear it to this day, always happy to sing along to the lyricless theme song.

Some might even consider it to be the soundtrack of their childhood.

4. Bosco – hello, boys and girls

Bosco is one of the Irish TV shows 90s kids loved.
Credit: Twitter / @boscosbox

While Bosco actually isn’t a 90s TV show, 90s kids loved the reruns. The beloved show, which ran from 1979 to 1987, still stood the test of time for 90s kids.

What’s not to love about a cute little red-haired, rosy-cheeked puppet living in a box?

There was much to learn in Bosco, too, with the little puppet teaching us Irish phrases that were cleverly mixed in with the English conversation.

Older 80s siblings may claim it as their own, but 90s kids will take ownership over Bosco until the end of time.

3. The Morbegs – Morbegs from Morbeg Land

Another fantastic theme song that lives rent-free in many Irish 90s kids’ heads. The Morbegs were two enormous furry creatures, Molly and Rossa, who were simply adorable.

They lived in a giant castle somewhere in Ireland where their magical minders looked after them.

Big names were involved in this show, including Tara Flynn, Carrie Crowley, and Tommy Tiernan. It really was one of the Irish TV shows 90s kids loved.

This was another show that wove some Irish language into the English script. It was a lovely way to keep children involved with their Irish culture.

2. Father Ted – we’re all going to heaven, lads; wahey!

We still love Father Ted today.

This wouldn’t be a legitimate list of Irish TV shows 90s kids loved if Father Ted was omitted.

Of course, Father Ted is still famous to this day, but 90s kids relished waiting for the next episode to come out to see what craic Ted and Dougal were up to.

We remember rolling around on the floor when the flock of priests got lost in the lingerie section. And who can forget when the boys came up with the iconic ‘My Lovely Horse song?’

Another favourite was the iconic episode with Father Fintan Stack, played by the even more iconic Brendan Grace?

Sadly the show was cut short by the untimely death of the star of the show, Dermot Morgan. However, it remains one of the most memorable and beloved Irish television shows to this very day.

1. The Den – the top Irish TV show for 90s kids

The Den tops our list of Irish TV shows 90s kids loved.

On the very top of the list of Irish TV shows 90s kids loved is, of course, The Den.

The Den had many name changes over the years, such as DenTV, Den2, and Dempsey’s Den, but it always remained a solid companion in the lives of the Irish 90s child.

A day on The Den could include anything. Children loved the puppet characters, including Dustin the Turkey, Socky the Sock Monster, Snotser the Pig, Zig and Zag the aliens from Zog, and, of course, their dog Zuppy.

All these beloved puppets would have a great rapport with the human hosts of the show, and sometimes the dreaded Ted would break into the studio to cause bloody murder.

There was always a whole host of excitement while watching The Den.

This was such a beloved show for Irish 90s kids that it was even brought back during the pandemic lockdowns as a morale booster, and we loved every second of it.