Top 5 places you’re guaranteed to get the shift in Kilkenny

Looking to get some action on your night out in Kilkenny? Look no further. We’ve outlined the top places to score an ol’ kiss for yourself.

Kilkenny is a place renowned for its expertise in hurling. Still, not everyone will know that it’s also famous for its spectacular shifters.

Kilkenny folk are particularly gifted in the art of shifting. If you’re hungry for a smooch on your big trip out in the Marble City, then you’re in luck.

We know all the hottest spots to get your fix. We’ve got the low down on the top places to get the shift in Kilkenny, so read on to find out where to go to smooch the night away.

5. Langtons shifting on the dance floor

Langtons is one of the places to get the shift in Kilkenny.
Credit: Facebook / @Langtonskilkenny

Shifting on the dance floor…you better not kill the groove! Langtons on John Street absolutely had to be on the list.

It is renowned for being one of Kilkenny’s top spots for hen parties and stag do’s, which only means one thing: shifting galore.

You’re sure to bag yourself a smooch or two off a bridesmaid or best man to be while bumping and grinding on the dance floor.

Langton’s is huge, too. So, if you’re not satisfied with your shift, you can quickly disappear into the crowd and go on the prowl again.

4. Ryan’s – to shift a musician

Ryan's is the place to go to shift a musician.
Credit: Facebook / Ryan’s Bar

Located off the beaten track on Friary Street, Ryan’s always has bands blaring tunes you can sing along to. This means, of course, that there are lots of talented musicians to lock your lips on to.

Come for the tunes, and stay for the kisses. You can always slip out to their smashing heated beer garden if the music gets too loud for a mid-shift chat.

There are also a good few little nooks and crannies for you to hide away in here with your newfound love, and that’s why it’s on our list of top places to get the shift in Kilkenny.

3. Nowlan Park – shift your way to the top with a hurler

Nowlan Park is one of the best places to get the shift in Kilkenny.
Credit: Instagram / @larcorbettsports

Hurling and shifting go hand and hand. With Kilkenny being absolute royalty when it comes to hurling, there can be no surprise that Kilkenny hurlers are guaranteed top-shifting material.

Slip into your Kilkenny colours, head up on match day, and chance your arm at bagging a hurler for yourself. Worst case scenario, you shift a fellow fan, and sure is that so bad?

There’s something about watching a hurling match in Kilkenny that brings out a particular passion in us all.

2. Cleere’s – shift an artsy person

Cleere's is a great spot to shift an artsy person.
Credit: Facebook / @cleeres

Cleere’s on Parliament Street has a lovely little theatre down the back, which means lots of artistic folks to land your lips on.

We think Cleere’s is extra special, too, as it’s located very conveniently across the road from the Kilkenny Tourist Hostel for those brave folk eager to take your shift to the next level.

It’s almost as if the good people in Cleere’s knew they’d be one of the top places to get the shift in Kilkenny with that strategic placement. We’ll take a pint of kisses, please, barman.

1. Supermacs – for the end of the night shift

Supermacs is one of the best places to get the shift in Kilkenny.
Credit: Facebook / @SupermacsKilkenny

You’ve tried your hand in all the other places and have yet to succeed. Don’t worry; all hope is not lost.

Head up to Supermacs for your end-of-the-night curry cheese chip and one last attempt to get the shift in Kilkenny. You’ll see all sorts here in the after-hours.

The Kilkenny Supermacs is always a hotspot for action at the end of the night out, with many saying it’s often more craic than the nightclubs. We’d be inclined to agree.

Why not woo someone by paying for their meal? You can even share a romantic supper together before getting down to action.

Let’s have that curry cheese chip with a side order of shifting, please.

There you have it, the top places to get the shift in Kilkenny. Have you been lucky enough to get the shift in Kilkenny? Let us know in the comments.